Can You Build Muscle Using Only Bodyweight Exercises AKA Calisthenics?!

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0:37 – Intro
2:29 – Frequency
3:03 – Volume
3:43 – Intensity
7:41 – Burning Fat
11:06 – Athleticism and “Functionality”
12:19 – Early Progression
15:09 – Muscle Isolation
17:17 – Accessibility
18:24 – Risk of Injury
20:22 – Program Update

In this video we analyze and compare calisthenics with standard gym-based training across multiple factors. We try to answer which type of training is better when analyzing these different training variables and determine whether body weight training alone is enough to build a lean, strong, and aesthetic physique!

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VitruvianPhysique says:

Sorry for the 2 weeks with no uploads, there is actually a really good reason for that and you'll know what that is soon! Without a doubt the biggest project I have ever undertaken with this channel/my business and I can't wait to share it with you guys because it's pretty friggen awesome. Until then enjoy me burning 300 calories waving my arms around in front of a camera for 20 minutes 🙂

Kuroyasha512 says:

Can't do 1 pullup?, just do negative or band assist

Larry Quicksave says:

There’s no difference in term of building muscle with body weights and free weights but it’s good to change between the two. Iv found this to give me the best gains

Christopher Patrick says:

I'm mostly using calisthenics because I suffer from psoriatic arthritis. The heaviest free weights I own are five pounds.

My aim is to be lean and developed over the entire body but I'm not interested in being huge, just balanced.

lafworldcomedy pst.johnbull says:

I was skeptic about NextLevelDiet because I thought that I would have to eat only broccoli to lose weight. I am eating only food I like and still losing weight.


Im glad i found your video,this is a masterpiece anyone should listen to your advices especially the rookies….i have a lot of experience in weightlifting and Olympic weightlifting i did running excersices also because im doing a track and field sport but since i started bodyweight training i saw a big change to my body.I was able to heal also some serious injuries i had from weightlifting but as you said i have better stamina,speed, I have stronger wrists shoulders (all extremes),i feel more athletic than ever with the less effort doing weightlifting ✌️💪💪

Mohammad Yaghi says:

Great video with a great and "transparent" topic !

Relentless says:

Could u also do your reps really slow? I mean this would also out more intensity to your muscles right?

minjoo moon says:

Igor: There is nothing stopping you from training as much as you want in the gym
Coronavirus: I'm about to end this man's whole carrier

weMsLayeR says:

awesome video, as an calisthenics guy, I approved this, but there is also progression even when you cant do a single push ups, thats what makes calisthenics so accessible and good!

DSWIL says:

If you like calisthenics you should buy yourself a weighted vest or belt.

victor rasilla says:

What’s going on with the hair at 2:27?

FeindNation says:

use tiger curls fo triceps

Fahad Islam Mahe Michelle says:

Can anyone tell me the music played on 0:38 ?? Also nice video Igor.

Aldrich Wichmann says:

You are so cool . Your my insperstion

Francisco Tavora says:

Dude! You forgot time under tension. 10 reps in 60 seconds is a higher level of effort than 10 reps in 30 seconds.

Francisco Tavora says:

Cricus style training? LOL

oh no no says:

I can disagree a little with Isolations and early progression, those topics are okay and for the most part are true theyr'e less intuitive, but you can progress early too, the only problem is that those excercise aren't that popular like the pull up, chin up, etc. People that can't do a pull up should start by doing bodyweight bar rows much much easier and you can increase intensity until you can do a pull up confortably and after that you can still do it to increase your number of pull ups. For isolations, you can do isolations, bodyweight tricep extensions can isolate your triceps or bicep you can isolate your bicep with bodyweight bar curls, but yes you have to be a more creative. If people out there wants to do calisthenics should watch Austin Dunham or FitnessFAQ.

Tahseen Taj says:

This video made me subscribe you.

Tahseen Taj says:

This video made me subscribe you.

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