Cardio vs. strength training: What you need to know

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Cardio and strength training affect your body differently, and both are essential to your health and well being. Watch this video to learn how.

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Harichandram ips says:

Am broke can't get gym membership

Evdokia says:

That was such a nice video. I didn’t how to exercise correctly.Thank you!

Alejo, Jr. Fernandez says:

Hello! Can I use this video for my class in Physical Education?

Captain D says:

Is anyone else a kinesiology major?

Baslel Etissa says:

I have abs
A= A
B= big
S= stomach

StepbroGlxaic - says:

I do lots of cardio and a little bit of weight training.

Mala Sookhai says:

Walking works out I s so much more I love it thank you

LittleMix Lyrics says:

I'm doing weights, blogilates Pilates workout and dance cardio, dance because it's easier for me to want to do cardio. And also I do 100 squats every day, will I lose the weight?

thea loves says:

Thank youu for this!!

Krystal Chakava says:

Thanks for this!❤

UNPACK says:

Very nice video and info. Keep it up !

Ben Zordan says:

Why do my abs keep come and going

WesamTheNoobs88 says:

Im 12 and classified as a healthy weight but a little chubby. I should lose weight rn before i make it harder for it in the future

SonoraDW says:

Thanks for the concise info on this topic! The bite-size length made the decision of whether to watch it now or "maybe later" (= possibly never) very easy, and it's clear enough on what to do.

World Nature Video says:

What an awesome video. Full of information regarding health. Great job.

Morgen Hartshorn says:

I do weight everyday and I have muscle but I’m not losing any weight

Eric Irwin says:

Diet: Don't drink pop or eat junk/fast food eat your fruits and veggies

Eric Irwin says:

Sprinting/Sprint Cycling and punching the punching bag are my favorite forms of cardio

Gilbert El Kaiser says:

many of us sometimes do not have time to devote to the exercises and I used a keto diet and it brought me excellent results I lost 37 pounds in a month now I feel super better ..!

EntityXBL says:

Can somebody give me advice, im 18 i weight 20stone and im 6 feet 4.4 inches tall, somebody please tell me the fastest weight loss meal or what to do at the gym, thanks in advance

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