Cardio Workout For Men At Home NO EQUIPMENT!

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Full body demolition, cardio workout for men at home NO EQUIPMENT needed. Burn fat and build muscle at the same time with this anabolic cardio workout for men at home.

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B6rO5y ❶ says:

Let's say .. if "IF" two rounds got easy for me what should I do ? Add more round ?

Dhanushanth Rajasingham says:

Powerful, thanks a lot!

C&C Barbell says:

How many calories should this workout burn? Anybody know

Charlie ZzZ says:

Good clip. Please get a decent mic.

Vert Holos says:

When I do mountain climbers my shoulders feel like are breaking and I thing I should stop, One and a half year I have a car accident

Alex Agustin says:

This shit got me huffing and puffing

halfiem says:

As a lethargic introvert, I think Im gonna fucking die…

kevin950523moviesHD says:

How many times a week is it ok to do per week?

White men are Sexy says:

Great Video 👌

Charlie Fabella says:

Covid brough me here too. thanks.

Adz K says:

3:56 When she says she's home alone

daniel hernandez says:

how much rest should you take between rounds?


So good! Dripping with sweat. Thanks for sharing

M Shiv17 says:

I'm becoming a fat slob with this virus

jinnabi93 says:

This was actually highkey good for beginners too this had me sore af and I could actually do the workouts though

Joseph Nave says:

Did it 3 times. Killer! 🥵

A G says:

Can't complete even half of the set and went ill for rest of the day

Ricky Bhuiyen says:

I’ve been doing this for a few weeks now and have been doing sets of 3. Absolutely love the workout! Thank you. Just wondering how long it should take for me to start noticing results?

Mr. CEO says:

Very cool video, definitely does the job.. thanks!

john garay says:

day12 of quarantine.

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