CHEST Bodyweight Only Workout (Home or Gym)

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Buff Dudes Bodyweight .PDF:

This video is taken from PHASE 3, DAY 1 of our BODYWEIGHT ONLY plan.

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BUFF DUDES / Workout / Home Bodyweight CHEST ONLY WORKOUT

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Buff Dudes Workouts says:

Time to finish off the week with another BODYWEIGHT WORKOUT! And remember: 25% off OUR BODYWEIGHT BOOK:
Buff Dudes Bodyweight .PDF: STAY BUFF!! -Hudson & Brandon

Wafu Nation says:

Everytime i watch buff dudes video. I feel like im there

Taric TheGemKnight says:

Beardon and Hairson, back at it

edge 1985 says:

Very nice exercises and combos the chesticles will burn for sure! Also as a guy that has had long hair in the past i gotta say i feel you on this and it gets rly annoying due to the extra heat thats generated and also with every push-up like exercise them hair s hanging and wiping the floor or the feeling of them being loose and mopping was one of the most frustrating and distracting things for me! Long hair+exercise=requires lots of patience!

AJW Fitness says:

Been watching these two for ages . Inspired me to try some of the crazy stuff they get upto . Good information and funny too .

Pumpwerk_ says:

Fot me you guys are the most motivating fitness buff dudes out there. Don't get me wrong, you two have amazing physiques but it also seems somewhat achievable to me so I try harder!

Alessandra Bertolotti says:

One day I will be able do this insane workout. But not today

Generic Pop-Culture Reference Mc Arrowtotheknee says:

Brandon's hair just gets more and more majestic as the Buff Dude's progress, like damn, bro, what shampoo do you use?

Lues Comez says:

Nice workout buff dudes! Its a bright idea to go back go your dumbbell- only program. I tried this particular chest workout back when the gyms were still open. It was killer and had me sweating bullets!
I dont have a yoga ball or platforms for some of these push up variations yet i created a workout that utilized some of them. This was my morning workout:
3 mile jog
<Clapping pushups(4×15)//superset// Pistol squats(4×15)
<Assisted one-arm push ups(4×15)// superset// Handstand overhead shoulder press(4×6)
<Dumbbell Close-Grip Floor chest press(4×15)//superset// windshield wiper pushups(4×15)
<Dips using chairs(4×15)//superset//mobility band unilateral chest press(4×15)
<Abdominals: reverse crunches//superset// bicycle crunches(3×25)
Thank you for the inspiration buff dudes!

Paul Diaferia says:

This workout is the BOMB!!!!!!!!!
Thank you gentlemen!!
Fuck the coronavirus!!!!!🖕😲

Freedom Ring says:

I want to see more of the women. If I want to watch a guy workout I will just watch myself….which I do.

1rickopotamus says:

9:05 damn hudson looking like a greek statue.

Johyn says:

why don't you do full. extension on your one arm push-ups

Ivan Nevarez says:

Great Workout. Just got up to doing 3 sets of 20 push-ups. Was wondering if you could do like a Bruce Lee workout. Maybe a combat athlete strength and endurance.

Роман Александров says:

imagine: buffdude video, but only breathing sounds

hivona says:

🤣🤣🤣 chesticle! Thank you for the laugh!

Nick Fyffe says:

I need more HIIT workouts buff dudes!

ZjTwams says:

I swear you guys got more ripped during the lockdown hahaha

Laser Lift: Fitness Edition says:

Check out my series on best gym to home exercise swaps where I take the most popular exercises (bench squat rows) and put them in the home format

Joe B says:

Please do arms… Love the workouts stay safe and stay strong.

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