Chest Routine Using ONLY Dumbbells | Home Workout

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How to build a bigger chest using a bench and dumbbells.

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» The Routine:

A: Flat DB press – 6 reps (2011)
B: Incline DB press – 8 reps (3020)
C: Incline DB fly – 10 reps (3031)
D: Decline DB press – 10 reps (4211)
E: DB press up – 15-20 reps (2011)

3 Sets Each

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IntricateDolphin says:

im not even gay and i was getting lost in this guy's eyes while he spoke with that gentle voice

YanksFanatk -SW says:

I must say this dude Mike has the best toned physique, not too huge like those guys who looks like on steroids or bouncers. This is exactly the body I want.

Soowoo22 says:

Why does this man have no hair on his body lmao high key sus

monstermatt 06 says:

light weight and more reps is the way bro, that’s what ct fletcher says

Will Henschel says:

That long incline press so much harder then regular😂

Harrison Snyder says:

This shit is a girl blunt, i only smoke girl blunts

Don't lose Hope! says:

It's my first time to do dumbbell workouts (i have only one 10lbs dumbbell). I started my exercise march 15, 2020 and after a week i saw changes.
Hardwork and motivation. Do workout on your free time. Don't waste it on stupid mobile pc games.

Minkyy says:

Here cuz of the quarantine… gyms closed and all I have are dumbbells at home 😔

Info Forest says:

Man I'm doing lower chest almost twice heavier than u
But boobs still look boobs 😂😁

Rob B says:

Amateurish,uneducated and clearly have a VERY limited knowledge of body mechanics and this could result in serious injuries for anyone,especially newbies,taking your advice as an experienced trainer.

izhar says:

Only dumbells or dumbells and bench🤔

____ says:

The question that should be asked is your chest like that bcz you used dumbell only ALWAYS?

Bluegill20 says:

Dam!!!! That guy is huge. That’s what I want to look like

RiverChaneyTV says:

stick a straw in his chest and you got yourself a juice pack

Nick Starz says:

I personally think you have the best body out there . Perfect size ripped . Good on ya

Jane Connolly says:

Mike can I ask how many sets you do of each exercise? Is 3 ok and say 12 reps

Atharva Dixit says:

Such a perfectly sculpted chest Jesus

Hunter On The Loose says:

Why does it feel like I am not working out my chest when doing these?

00jtown says:

Bruh very impress I got along way to go lol plus I jus subscribed !!

Nazarin Chhetri says:

hey bro i only havea dumbels i dnt have any more bench !!

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