Chest Workout Home Version

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The “Chest workout Home edition” was designed to provide an easy and fun professional workout for everyone. These exercises are designed to tone main pectoral muscles (upper, major and minor pectoral muscles) and you can workout wherever you want: at home, in the park, on the beach or at the gym.
No special equipment is required for this workout: if you don’t have a bench for elevated push-ups, use any elevated surface (chair, box, etc.).

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Passion4Profession says:

How to get a Six Pack ➤
Best Chest Exercises ➤
Best Abs Exercises➤

Keith Bhebhe says:

Let's get it on day #7

Kalvis1 says:

One TA TA TAC two Ta ta tac …

Keith Bhebhe says:

Let's get it on day #6

parlin1234 says:

As I started following diet and training plan from NextLevelDiet, I took my confidence to the next level. Girls finally started noticing me.

Andrei Helldric Chua says:

Anyone watching this from this year 2020?

Robert Charles says:

use resistance band set for your chest workout its fcking awesome i love it so much trust me you will love it it get one for yourself at some store or buy where i buy it at TRUST ME ITS FCKING AWESOME

Skee Bros says:

If this is getting too easy for you then start doing the first set of each phase as normal push ups and the other 2 sets as knee pushups and gradually change all into normal pushups like level 2 as the jump from lvl 1 – 2 is too much

fury chou says:

wtf this shit is not enoughhhhhhh

Keith Bhebhe says:

Let's get it on day #5

weaboo trash says:

I give up I can't do anything about my body

Keith Bhebhe says:

Let's get it on day #4

Hung Khuc Fitness says:

Allow me use this background music. Thanks

Keith Bhebhe says:

Let's get it on day #3

Sterling Hillman says:

By the end of this corona virus, I'm gonna be ripped because of this video!

Bald Manc says:

How can you put ads in the middle of this. Totally ridiculous, how is anyone supposed to do this workout properly? Put and ad at the start and the end. What a scam. Down thumb and I will not be back, I'm sure along with make 1000s of others.

Joon Abucayon says:


DPhog says:

My triceps hurt more than my chest

Keith Bhebhe says:

Let's get it on day #2

DownLink says:

the 3rd phase is BRUTAL

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