Chest Workout with Resistance Bands at Home

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Chest workout with resistance bands at home to build your chest are hard to come by, so we walk you through doing 5 of the best chest exercises with resistance bands that we use to build our chest muscles. The quick five minute video covers five exercises:
Chest Press
Floor Fly
Resisted Push-ups
Standing Fly
Cross Body Press

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We are a couple who loves to workout and want to share our journey to grow more fit and maintain our fitness over the upcoming years. If you feel unsafe in any way, don’t workout with us. We are not personal trainers, only regular people showing you that it’s possible to get fit and stay fit at home.. We encourage you to workout as we workout and exercise 3 to 5 times per week. We upload weekly, sometimes twice per week.

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Sarah Marie Fitness says:

What is your favorite chest exercise that is shown in this video?

Frank Jones says:

How do I get your workout plan?

PZP says:

Everything I needed ,Thank you bro

Im Lakai says:

I mean this is great but I don’t have a giant wooden pole in my living room

Dr. Andrew Rumbaugh says:

Where did you get your bands from?

chelsea baracudda says:

Great video I hav a set of bands ordered and I'm excited to get started. U gave me sum great ideas .I really want to target the chest area …

Bryan Adlaon Fitness says:

Awesome tips bro with Resistance band exercise same here that what im doing bro thanks

Stanley Delima says:

How many reps per set? Will that be fine for beginners to do it 3x a week?

Louie Tada says:

If you don't have it yet, I bought it from my friends store (Athletewish) in case ya boys need it

Strahinja Prole says:

Great exercises, but for me its better to use resistance band set. Bands are simple and you can gain some great muscle and you dont need to pay monthly billing at gym. I got my at trainhome shop (check on google). They got more home workout thing. I will order workout bar because that is great product for home workout to.

Ricky Murray says:

It's funny to find your videos, you have the most similar body to myself I've seen online, literally looks like me working out with someone else's head on lol

Ali Mansoor says:

Gonna try this.. Looks amazing

Ethans tv says:

A WALL anker

Rhyno De Jager says:

does these resistance bands really make you bigger and stronger

akash arora says:

Last exercise was so gud….

Ks H says:

When it comes to chest all these bands are waste of time unless you lift pink dumbbells

Shivendra Dehari says:

Sir ise kya kahte hai
Please name btao n

guitarizt68 says:

Very helpful. Thanks for sharing knowledge.

Elias Darius says:

I always fear that my resistance band will snap even though i just got them.

Should i just push through? I always fear they will snap if i try to pull them like you did during the flys.

fab says:

When I load up the bands for a heavy standing press I go flying back, trying to figure out an alternative? My bands reach 150lbs resistance, would be great if I could press it somehow, tried on the floor but really need to hold the handles for that many bands

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