COBRA Bodyweight TRAPS!! | 2 Best Calisthenics Trap Exercises

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Grow them cobra traps with these two calisthenics exercises.

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Austin Dunham says:

Hey You should follow me on instagram @geekamd

Also I apologize for the clipped audio in the video, mic was a bit too high! (use to shooting outdoors) Thank you!
Now go build them cobra traps 😉

Joshua Yap says:

I wish i have a pull up bar someday

Shogun says:

If you think this guy has nice traps search for Tom Hardy. Dude is a bull

Nati Polibio says:

Why it look like u have a captain America shield on your back 😂

Starchild says:

When you thought those neck and back muscles goku and whitebeard had werent real, but it is

SlimJim 89 says:

Mate not trying to be nasty but you look like fucking quagmire!!

Jeuro38 says:

OK but how do you keep a backpack on man?

Brittney Richardson says:

Yeah! Simple! Just do handstand pushups! Easy!

Kushikimehh Kyoto says:

His right tricept is sligly bigger than his right. Just by a small margin though

Jonathan Chavez says:

Idk why but I have traps on my left side and in my right side nothing

rezin islam says:

Alien😂😂👌👌👌 more like predator

Shovelninja XD says:

He look like he got a turtle shell and it's dope

Victor Rubahimbya says:

Woow a guy your size and you have such massive traps 🤔😮👏👏🏼👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

Thuan Jimmy Le says:

Someone just looks more muscular than gymers when they stay away from gyms

Niall Bergindy says:

Just to build on what Austin is showing us, after training martial arts for years i had very little muscle build on my chest/traps. Due to an injury i started treating myself to thai massages and i was shocked by the muscle groups that presented themselves over the space of a month! Before starting martial arts at 21 I worked hard graft from a young age and physical and emotional distress tightened the fascia all over my body which didnt allow my muscles to breath and remain in a rested state. Our environment effects our genes ie, stress from life, toxins, poor posture etc, hope these tips help. .. thanks for the video Austin!

julliam melendez says:

Who else thought he look like dababy I'm the thumbnail?

mustang 04 says:

But is he natty tho

Mike Ali says:

Don't listen to that guy, it's a trap

Shubham Singh Parihar says:

It doesn't look good seriously..😑

Billy Love says:

Nothing behind the neck, especially when your body is in a straight line! I hope you never get injured, but over time you are putting your rotator cuff and bursa in harm.

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