CROSSFIT HOME WORKOUT | HIIT | No Equipment needed

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The best AT HOME NO EQUIPMENT NEEDED CROSSFIT WORKOUT you can do. Get ready to challenge every muscle in your body today in this CrossFit Style workout right at home! LET’S DO THIS!


Include: Warm Up + ABS Finisher

W A R M U P (30’’ EACH)

1: Jumping Jacks
2: Inch Worms
3: Side Lunges
4: Hamstring Stretch

E X E R C I S E S (45’’ ON 15’’ OFF)

1: Low Jumping Jacks
2: Tabletop Toe Touches
3: High Knees
4: ½ Burpees
5: In and Out Squat Pulses
6: Shoulder Tabs
7: Jumping Lunges
8: Shuffle ½ Burpees


1: Knee to Ellbow Crunches
2: Flutter Kicks
3: Russian Twists
4: Leg Raises


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Meera Patekar says:

Thank you mam nice to watching you

Michael Secret says:

How many rounds?

Silvia Flores says:


Rinu Rajan says:

First time am seen inch worm great work out..

Gerardo Núñez says:

You and your routine are awesome

Christopher Rasch says:

Thats good but no crossfit

Tommy Stevenson says:

excellent workout


Great job!!!!! Thanks!!!!!

Antonio Lázaro says:

Short but intense. It's worth, specially in lockdown.

Margarita Morales says:


Michael says:

True fitness, Outstanding!!!!!!

Laura C. says:

I liked it and I sweat, which is good 👍 But I prefer, when someone explains the exercises I didn't know all.

Next Level Fitness BA says:

Great video love the graphics 👍

Chris Schult says:

What I liked: nice workout routine, where many muscle groups get activated
What I would change: put a chime or sth at the end of each 30 or 45 sec part! This way you don't have to watch the screen the whole time

Natalia Gagner says:

Excellent- thank you so much!

Rachel WiLLford says:

well that just kicked my butt!! Thanks!

Ale la bella tarot says:

I just could 2 time 🥵🥵🥵🥵

Change Your Life Vlog says:

Great video! Thanks for sharing.

Pedro Munoz says:

I hace a little exercise youtube Channel. Maybe not is very profesional like her, but I like make it. I upload with music. Congratulation, you are pretty.

nfcat1 says:

no crossfit here, still gr8 workout 😉

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