Do These Dumbbell Exercises for 7 Days

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Dumbbells are a versatile shell for training both in the gym and at home. Dumbbells are good for additional loading when pumping various muscles. dumbbell is an ideal option for training at home, it allow you to gain different weight for different exercises.
Our video give you selection of exercises with dumbbells for different muscle groups. This set of exercises is good for full-fledged training at home.

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0:00 Iron Cross
0:54 Lunge
1:49 Deep Push Ups
2:44 Stiff Leg Deadlift
3:39 Goblet Squat
4:34 Spell Caster
5:29 Palm Rotational Row
6:24 Shoulder Press
7:19 Glute Bridge
8:14 Single Leg Calf Raise

Can I build muscle with just dumbbells?
Is dumbbell enough for home workout?
Can I get toned with just dumbbells?
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sandra contreras says:

Muy buena rutina 👋👋

taffimup says:

This is a a great workout and it would be more user friendly if you incorporated the rest times into the video because it is distracting to have to pick up the remote and pause the video and set up a timer for the 1 minute rest periods.

Jaqueline Alves says:

D mais perfeito! 😍🤪

Richard Martínez says:

Execelente thank you good job. Nice

nico Bonilla says:


Denis Rousseau says:

Magnifique c'est le vidéo le plus complet pour tout les groupes de muscles que j'ai visionner jusquà maintenant merci! denis

Ph So says:

Warum hat die Frau einen BH an?

Имя фамилия says:

И что будет?а ничего не отвалится

Douglas Carlos Corcuy Rios says:

Que buena rutina voy a empesar ya gracias

Clayton Kelly says:

over 70 years old and still working out. great workout.

Love Math says:

Rất cần nhé.

Deighton Harper says:

Straight to the point. No B.S. 👍👍

Altagracia Fernandez says:

Excellent routine! Good choice for when I don’t have access to the gym.

Delfin Azul says:

I absolutely love your videos. And I love how the targeted muscles are highlighted. 💪💦

wtf_ usa says:

Your videos are AWESOME!! Thank you for posting them!! 👏👏👏👏

John Hall says:

Great will add to my morning routine and also do at the gym before my normal workout. Thanks👍

Ver Elini says:

Dumbbells that are idle at home will start working. 😃

Consuelo Aguirre says:

Qué buen vd
Muy didáctico
Alguien que tenga hernia hiatal o reflujo, puede hacer el puente (el ejerc 9) ?

Bangkok69 says:

06 Spell Caster looks like a quick way to smash your back up. You sure that's safe? I only ask as I've previously thrown my back out by lifting something heavy while twisting in a not-too-dissimilar manner…

Sonia says:

I did 3 rounds of these series this morning before work and I loved it! It got my blood pumping and felt great. Will do every second day. Thanks for sharing!😄

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