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My best advice for training calves!

A short & effective session, perfect to place before your regular workout. I train my calves once every 1-2 weeks.

The workout:

1a. Seated Calf Press Machine
3 set x 20-25 reps
1b. Stretching after every set

2. Single leg calf raise (with a weight plate)
3 set x 10-12 reps on each leg (no rest in between legs AND sets!)

3. Leg Press Calf Raises
3 set x 10 reps for each foot placement:
10 reps with toes pointing outwards
10 reps with a regular stance
10 reps with toes pointing inwards

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Family Adams says:

For the calve work out I was thinking of this an if u have stairs go at the edge with only ur toes touching the end of the stairs and slowly go up and down and it works the same

Speyes19 says:

The closed captioning on this video is pretty funny, train your cops, laughs, coffee. 😄

owhehwakalshewh says:

I just came here because my calves look like this: | |

Thanasis Kostas says:

Anyone here for the booty

Ronald Anyuru says:

Thank you gorgeous

Irum zeshan says:

u r doing well plz tell us belly flate workout after baby's

Lisette Gorra says:

Cough machine lol

Isabella carper says:

whos here to get en pointe faster

Alice Harden says:

This workout was mean… couldn't walk for a day or so. It hurt so good😬

Zekaryah Child of TMH GOD says:


Chay Palmer says:

What was the song in the beginning??

Harvardfacebook says:

And hamstrings! It's good for women to train calves, they make the ankles look nice and small. During sex, men with big hands, love to grab and take control of a women's ankles.

Сергей Шилин says:

the bigger the ass ем the more views😂☝️

Juxa says:

The caughs.


Зачем так много говорить… покажи задницу и всё😁

tom. cruise. says:

When you travel Turkey,you can write me…perfect videos😋

Greg Brown says:

Don't forget the vagina it needs a work out too 🤣😂😜😜😜

APM M says:

Yeah were all looking at her calves 😆

ChiefGwopp100 says:

3:403:45 Guy In The Background
Sits .. Hmmm That’s Enough Legs For Today

Tobias Looser says:

I'm seeing so many of the girls on YouTube now. The one thing they all have in common is that they show there body's, and there getting paid by YouTube this is borderline stripping!

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