Essential Rotator Cuff Stretches : Internal and External

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These are essential rotator cuff stretches that will definitely help with your flexibility and mobility. If you do have a injury please use these stretches with care.

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Essential Rotator Cuff Stretches : Internal and External
Essential Rotator Cuff Stretches : Internal and External
Essential Rotator Cuff Stretches : Internal and External
Essential Rotator Cuff Stretches : Internal and External

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Reynaldo Nadeak says:

So i had an motorbike accident 6 years ago, and my shoulder does a crack whenever i doing external rotation, its not even hurt back then, but now its kinda weird when i raise my arm, and the cracking sound are getting louder now, it only hurts when i do tricep dips, what could go wrong here sir?

Emmanuelle says:

Those are great stretches. However, I believer my right shoulder in frozen in internal rotation position. Would the stretch be good?

William Levy says:

I slept on my shoulder wrong and it was hurting when I woke up. Hopefully this helps.

Fequiere Fitness says:

These were great stretch ideas. Thank you for sharing!

Dave Snipes says:

You are basically doing Jiu Jitsu submissions on yourself. The Kimura and Americana. 🙂

Christopher Fisher says:

I struggle to get above perpendicular on the lower arm for cow pose, and feel very tight in my shoulder. Do you have any stretches in addition to just going that stretch with a strap or towel? Actually I just found another one of your video's which is what I was looking for. Thanks for sharing.

sagi1 lol says:

Is it matter if I do the external stretch with the pole while standing?

marlene wood says:

Oh man. That feels glorious!

Pratik Bajare says:

Thanks buddy! Really handy! ❤️

shaolinskunks88 says:

i went to a chripractor they said my rator cuff is strained, they tried to release it but i still feel a strain feeling in shoulder when i train ic an do the workout but at the price of inflammed shoulder. my shoulders click and pop a lot.

DevinDTV says:

video starts at 1:36

odu50 says:

For a very long time i pratice these exercices, i have very flexibles shoulders and no problems.
Your video is very good.

ememem steph says:

thanks for the vid! 😀

Hey Now says:

For those asking about whether this stretch will make shoulders go more forward, it's important to understand that if you don't have enough internal rotation, which this stretch addresses, your shoulder, or more specifically your humerus, will glide forward in order to compensate for the lack of internal mobility, especially when doing certain movements (Bench press, etc).

It's important, however, that you retract your shoulder blade, that is Imagine putting your shoulder in the back pocket of your opposite side when you do this stretch.

eurotutu says:

very clear !!

Linus says:

but why would i stetch my external rotators if i am already having that hunched over posture

TY Manza says:

much needed. ..thanks so much

Caledonianic ! says:

Will stretching the external rotators make forward shoulder posture worse? Or should you always stretch internal and external rotators?

William Dougherty says:

Thank you, I like these versions of the rotator cuff stretches. Are they more effectively done seated, standing, or both?

cliff burton says:

During the Apley scratch test is the upper arm really measuring external rotation? It seems that this would be measuring teres major, lat, and possible tricep flexibility.

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