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In this Monday’s weekly MS Fitness Video Jeff will be guiding you through some exercises that you can do for foot drop. Foot Drop is a common issue when living with Multiple Sclerosis and can severely effect your mobility.

The way we combat Foot Drop is to strengthen the muscles around the feet. Watch this week’s video to find out some easy exercises you can do to manage foot drop.


Exercises Performed in this Video for Foot Drop

1.) Ankle Eversion – 1:36

2.) Heel Raise – 5:56


Here are some Guided Stretch Videos to help with blood flow!

1.) Lower Back Pain Stretches

2.) Spasticity Stretches


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MS Workouts says:

Hi everyone!
When we made this video at the start of MS Workouts, we had no idea we'd get so many views or that MS Workouts would get as big as it has. We'd like to take this opportunity to address some frequently asked questions regarding these foot drop exercises:

1). What if I can't lift my toes or foot up?
That's okay, perform the exercise in the range-of-motion that is available to you. Even if you don't see any movement, try to consciously flex and actively push the foot to the best of your ability. Starting somewhere is better than not starting at all.

2). What if I fully exhaust the muscles after just 15 seconds (I wasn't even using a resistance band)?
That's actually a good thing. In strength training, "failure = success". The goal is to overload the targeted muscles. You did that. So the advice would be to keep rocking! Attempt to push a little further each time you perform the exercise.

3). The Heel Raise (2nd exercise) doesn't address foot drop, why is it in this video?
This video, as well as our Foot Drop Series in our membership program, follows a comprehensive approach toward recovering strength and mobility. We not only want to target the muscles directly attributing to the symptom, but also the ones that are indirectly involved as well. In this case, we are not just focusing solely on the anterior tibialis. Although it is the main focus of our foot drop exercises, we don't want to ignore other muscles of the lower limb that are used while walking, that contribute to better gait, and that help you better deal with having foot drop in the first place. Muscles work together during locomotion.

Thank you everyone for your questions, comments, and support! We are so thrilled to be able to help each and every one of you during your journey to recovering strength. If you're interested in more free exercises, sign up for the 7-Day Strength Camp at http://www.msworkouts.com/strengthcamp.

If you're ready to take strength recovery and improved body functionality to the next level, then you can learn more about our online exercise program at http://www.msworkouts.com. Join the hundreds of others who are training every week with us from the comfort of home.

Fleet Cat says:

I love how you talked to me as if I am mentally disabled. I will now subscribe and smash that bell button.

austinhedge says:

Check out my store and help out a fellow MS'r since 2015. Thank you! https://www.redbubble.com/i/tote-bag/Multiple-Sclerosis-Awareness-Ribbon-by-Austin02/44360580.PJQVX

Arati Baviskar says:

Will u make a video for Polio diseases?

Wakeup Hindustan says:

can uh help me plz?
When I start to walk at that time my left foot go to in cross then normal walk. And gets it jurk…what is the exercise for that??

E L says:

After hit by a car accident, my left ankle unable to move. I went to physiotherapy but nothing change. Please let me know what can I do to be able to walk again. I'm tired and stressed. 😢

Techno Games says:

I just discovered that I have foot drop after a week . I just suddenly couldn't move my toes or my foot up I can bend them downwards but no way upwards. And I have slight numbness on the outter skin . I can still feel my foot . Is this really a nerve damge ? As it just happened to me suddenly last week and I haven't damaged my leg or so . And I can't see a doctor because of the Corona Viruse quarantine. Any explanation guys ? 🙁

Naveen Ahmad says:

When I do heel raises my toes curl up , I can't press my heel to the ground in the first exercise

Mark Desa says:

Please share a link for the band you use.

Tariq ah Dintoo Dintoo says:

I have been suffering from polio and my right hand and right leg .what I can do it

Nyeema Whitrow says:

This is so great! Thank you

mac 187 says:

He's to excited so i dont trust him

April Waller says:

sounds good jeff i can do them love april

Tim Yatcak says:

Foot drop is a remnant of Central NERVOUS system damage,,,Functional anatomy is affected at that level

Akshat Jaiswal says:

hi i'm suffering from foot drop. can you just tell how long will it take to get recovered ?

John Goh says:

I am 83 years old and my right footdrop is more than 40 years old I could not even more any toe so the exercise ankle Inversion is impossible to do.

yaxxee says:

Hi Jeff, I love your kind, positive attitude and how motivating you are. It's really helpful to those of us that are scared/depressed/frustrated by our symptoms. I'm pre-diagnosis with suspected Primary Progressive MS. I've had a slow decline for 9 years and getting closer to disability, so I'm doing lots of these exercises while I still have my mobility. I've read some good success stories where building strength helps managing symptoms, and may even mean further years of mobility. I hope it also brings benefits to those that are in later stages of the disease.

Cute Girl says:

I'M 19 I have foot drop and its sucks

Otay says:

who in their right mind edits sudden zoom-ins on a video for people that suffer from vertigo?

steve pisel says:

Thanks! For helping all of us with the challenges we in the MS community deal with ever day. I have had MS for over 35 years and work every day to get better and stay out of a wheel chair and really appreciate your help and advice!

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