Exercises to Strengthen Glutes and Protect Knees (2018) square

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Renown Outpatient Physical Therapists, Brendan and Jessica Ryder, see a lot of knee injuries in their practices. In this video, they demonstrate how to do a proper squat and other moves to strengthen your glute muscles and protect your knees. Learn more at renown.org/PhysicalTherapy

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Rajesh Jain says:

Hey I wanna ur contact number to contact u guys plz give me

Sharon Ruvane says:

Thank you for your video! Usually doing exercises at my gym, on machines..and have worked hard for a year, post PT to strengthen hips, knees, quads. Now that my gym closed, I need these reminders about how to get my strength training workout at home – done safely!! Just what I needed today.

frer etet says:

Who is here because they have leg day and the gym is closed due to the corona virus?

Husai Nasir says:

Hindi Ne de Bohot Lokhoto Fayda HokA

DANNY C says:

Thanks! Good to know for sure. I need these in my routines.

Spiritual Captain says:

Please watch this stretching video made by me


Mark Mueller says:

Hey thanks for the video, Ilike the exercises event though I'm not struggling with knee pain but with lower back pain. I came here from a blog post (https://holistichealt.wordpress.com/2020/02/29/the-journey-begins/) with tips for lower back pain, but seeing glute exercises work for so many different problems makes me realize the importance of it.

ironmiketodd says:

https://youtu.be/IbxFmqq-nus my knees are bone to bone… it’s called mother time but as you see my legs are still developed, 39 years training and still walking lol

ingeonsa says:

Thanks Gina

wherever my way says:

Will these exercise help me to strengthen my leg muscles for board jump test?

Vinay Amdhare says:

Video not pointing well to capture all moves

NioJ Plays says:

This sadly has been patched in the current update.

Darren Marsh says:

How many times would you say do this a week?

How many reps of each?

some useful tips says:

Exercise for kids https://youtu.be/HOfPA2s7sYM

Dave P says:

Dude almost blew an ACL at 1:20

chilled dude says:

I'm afraid two minutes isn't a workout oh well I tried

Malik M says:

The girl sounds like a moronic robot. with a condascending tone. I dont know why exactly she has this attitude. and with that attitude she is a borderline transgender. Smile more jackass. You are on social media.

Saraya N. says:

You speak like Solange Knowles

Ozland says:

anyone watching this is saving around 5 session * $80 = $400.. do these 3 times a day 3 rounds.. i had a bakers cist on my right knee and these are the execises I was told to do by my physiotherapist..

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