Fat Burning Cardio Workout – 37 Minute Fitness Blender Cardio Workout at Home

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Phong Bằng Nguyễn says:

nay 26/3 ngày đầu tiên tập. Mệt quá. Mồ hôi chảy từng giọt từng giọt luôn

Peri says:

Hedef:30 Gün Düzenli Egzersiz/ Başlangıç: 26.03.20

1. gün: Bacaklarım beni taşımıyor artık, 28:27 'de bıraktım ve şimdi duşa gidiyorum.O kadar yoruldum ki ya kalpten gideceğim ya da solunum yetmezliğinden. Artık değil abur cubur yemek çaya bile şeker atmamaya karar verdim. İnşallah bu kararlarımın arkasında durabilirim.

Jesalie Colongon says:

58 kilo goal 50
Day1 3:33 minutes

Styx Moth says:

I passed out after the warmup😂

Sara says:

Awesome! Thanks for this video fitness blender! It's so hard to keep active during quarantine but your videos help alot!

SneakyヤDxヤ says:

5 days after I feel good with this .thank you

Oliwka says:

1 day: i made only 6:30min ( very poor condition) im gonna workout every day.

Sophie says:

3:12 start of main exercise

CAR LOVER 003 says:

Is she human ? 😤

Una Slankamenac says:

my P.E. teacher sent us to wach this

GAMING WITH aditya 2006 says:

Please tell me How many calories burned after this workout

Fashion Vashion says:

today was my first day.

Crystal Claire Belarmino says:

Its so hard, i stopped in just 12 minutes

Crystal Claire Belarmino says:

Its so hard, i stopped in just 12 minutes

Sara Machlis says:

This my quarantine program, I’m going to do this work out every other day (in combo with some other work outs on off days to rest) and get fit after lockdown! I only need to lose 10 pounds. I’ll update here in one month!

Stefan Pjevovic says:

poy za iii7

Dezurno Govance says:

I am 17 and 67
165 hight
And today I did 33 minutes of this
I am on diet. I will keep you informed !
Ps.my stomach is screaming "gimme that chocolate"

Alena Hajder says:

Am I the only one who did all 37 min?

la luna. says:

age: 18.
height: 170cm/5'7in.
weight: 75kg/165lbs.

so… it's time to step out of my comfort zone after eighteen years.

🌈 day 1: i've only been able to do the first 10:00 min, but it's better than never, right? let's see what awaits us in the future.
🌈 day 2: today was better i guess, i managed to make it to 13:57 min. lol.
🌈 day 3: guys, hear me out! day buday it's getting better. today i managed to make it to 19:00 min. let's go!

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