Fitness Blender's Beginner Kettlebell Workout – Kell's Kettlebells Routine for Total Body Toning

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mambocita si says:

This looks good. But if you could have talked when she was going through it would have been nice. With covid 19 in full force now , doing this outside off my phone without having to constantly look would have been helpful.

Olivia's Catastrophe says:

I have been abroad for the past nine months which means I have been away from my home workout equipment and simply been doing the no equipment or cardio workouts. So happy to be reunited with my equipment and finally get to do this workout! Especially good with virus and having to be indoors and at home to workout. Thank you!

ColeRae TV says:

Thank you, thank you, thank you! I have been looking for a beginners Kettle Bell work out for months. Now that the gym isn't an option (Because of the quatantines) I wanted something asap. This is perfect. First video I have seen that didn't have a rack of people in the comment section saying WARNING they are teaching incorrect form etc. This is a real work out. I am soaking wet with sweat!

C W says:

If kettlebells were in fashion back then can you imagine an episode of Seinfeld where Kramer decides he's going to learn to use kettlebells? That would have been a funny one.

C W says:

These folks do really make Exceptional videos. They're a bit long but they're very instructional and great for the beginner

LocdBeauty09 says:

Years later and this workout still go hard. I def feel it even with using a 5 pound kettlebell. 💪👍🙃

Queen Owens says:

I didn’t realize how intense a kettle bell workout would be. I’m drenched in sweat and I love it.💪🏾💦

Larry Nipon says:

1st KB workout. Loved the pace. My HR was consistently 130-145. I'm a 65yr young male. Couldn't believe how sore my hamstrings werre…but I'm very tight, so it's a good thing. thanks for an awesome, well thought out workout.

Acoustaferius says:

Beginner doesn't mean easy, it means hard but doable if you are a beginner. If this was easy, it wouldn't be much of a workout and would mean you should move up to a more advanced routine. Just keep at it

Moon Li says:

This is probably one of the best kettlebell routines on YouTube. I’ve been practicing it for 3+ years by now and when I got familiar with it, I increased the weights. I wouldn’t call it a “beginner’s workout” though! 😂

Genesis Juckett says:

What a workout!!! I felt like a strong Valkyrie! 😂😂💪🏻 def keeping this one in my rotation!

Linda Linda says:

How much kg for beginners?

MahalYah Yashar'al says:

I am 62 years old and purchased a kettlebell. This workout for beginners was great. Easy to follow. Thank you!

Bimmerbabe says:

about to knock this out and finish it off with a good run outside. thank you for keeping all your content up. this is one of my favs

Mariella Cannu says:

I love this work out! Thank you Fitness Blender!

Ol Gang Supreme says:

hi Guys ,thank you much,I started with a 10 kg kettlebell I started a month ago and I already added a few more excercises for these ones plus increasing the numbers of each excercise, Its really really good,I quit smoking a year ago,drinking 3 months ago, Big thanks for your videos, its truly inspiring %%%

gladys sefu says:

What size kettlebell are you using ?

marita1977 says:

did you just say BEGINNER kettlebells workout???!!!!! this was super beyond advanced for me!!!

Davida Wickham says:

Workout Complete. Here's to getting stronger and healthier

Kendra says:

I LOVE this workout!
The first time I tried it, I made it 2 rounds and for THREE days after I hurt and hurt. It is awesome to feel that burn though!
Today I finished the whole video and right now sweating down my face …..oh Praise Jesus for fitness blender!

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