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In this video I am showing 5 beginners friendly exercises which are essential to build amazing physique and have great fundamental strength for advanced calisthenics moves and skills.

1. Squats for leg development
2. Push ups for chest, triceps and shoulders with some core work
3. Pull ups for back, biceps, traps, erector spinae
4. Dips for chest, triceps, shoulders
5. Rows for back and rear shoulders

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Just Jauhar says:

Last one, isn't that called Australian pull up?

Aldri says:

You forgot some type of shoulder/vertical press movement

Replace squats with any shoulder focused pushup and we are set

j w says:

He can squat on my face anytime

R B Gomes says:

good one brother. keep it up👍💪🏼

Anas 475 says:

Legs said I'm here .

Gravy Father says:

Been doing calisthenics for like 2 months for lack of access to a gym and it's actually really good for the sake of ease while also getting a great workout in. Truth be told I forgot what rows are before this video lmao.

nord kristal says:


Subjected To Sin says:

Do rows work lower back?

Friendly Yt says:

Indeed they are the best,
Some more can be added,
Like Crunches and more…

Christian Arcenal says:

How many reps and sets for beginners ?

Kevin Rosario says:

Just did it. Amazing workout

Robert Stefaniak says:

And you dont loft weights right?

Crown Vic says:

Hey,bro,im just starting to do pull ups,how many pull ups should i do a day?

Also as an advanced like you,how many pull ups do u do a day?

Priyabrata Nayak says:

How many squats do you do daily??

Serban Constantin says:

Beginers? hahhaha camon…

dimitri chair says:

The problem with ppl who train calisthenics is that they think bodyweight squats is enough for legs . That's why 99% of them are lacking leg development . Legs are 50% of your bodyweight , you should atleast do 3 exercises for legs , squats , lunges and pistol squats or box raises

EN 1314 says:

Can someone tell me what kind of squat this is his bum doesn’t seem to go out

Trypl3 says:

Did you really say pull ups are for beginners??? They're hard to do especially for beginners

Kerry Sanchez says:

Yes please create a video program

Kerry Sanchez says:

Did he really get that amazing with just those exercises???

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