Flat Bench Press and Decline Press with Resistance Bands

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Flat Bench Press and Decline Press (no anchor)

Select the level of band tension you want to use and lay it out flat on the floor. Slide the band under your back then do a bit of a hip bridge to secure the bands tightly and evenly under the arm pits.

The first optional grip is just a wrap around the thumbs as you see here. This is the easier grip that makes the movement a bit easier to perform.

The next grip is to spread the bands through the hands just like holding DB’s.

And the lower you grip the bands toward the start position, the more tension you create as well.

Then just execute the movement as you would a regular flat DB press on a bench
To create a simple variation – aim your angle of contraction more toward lower nipple range and you change the movement to a decline press.

So within one simple set up – you have two optional exercise executions to target the pecs.

And you need no anchor or any other piece of equipment.

Once again the ‘feel’ on the muscle is different and that can be a great thing for varying forms of stimulus in order to garner a new level of adaptive response

At the end we show you a simple way to create “an extended set” to pump out more reps on a day when you are particularly ‘feeling your oats’ as the saying goes.

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Seyit Halat says:

Thanks sir! This helped me a lot 🙂

Louis Lewis says:

Awesome I was looking for this!!!

Viliam Čepček says:

Great i just ordered bands because of quarantine this was super helpful! Thank you

Bill Dollar says:

With all the gyms closed I was looking for a good way to train my chest, so that is it, thank you very much and have a safe and wonderful day to the both of you.

Lift Stress Away says:

Hey Scott, just a thought and I tested it out, holding the band further down with the end coming out the pinky side causes the shoulders to be internally rotated and also rubs the skin in the crease of the thumb – A better way would be to simply lay down and grab the band in a neutral grip with the ends coming out the by the thumbs.

Doing it that way make the grip a tiny bit trickier but is much more comfortable, and now allows you to push the band through the palms with the force a little more outwards which if find more affective for targeting the chest and should help to avoid internal shoulder rotation.

I've been trying to figure out the best way to do a band press now that we're all in isolation 🤪, your variation helped me figure it out, I was overcomplicating it!

Thanks and keep up the great work

qazi faisal says:

I loved this thank you so much because definently the bands are tough

Raphael Morrata says:

Very useful video ! Thanks

SCHORCHER100 says:

I'm hooked BOOM!!!!!

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