Foot Drop: Exercises to improve walking part 1

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This is the first part of a 2 part series on the treatment for foot drop. This video demonstrates exercises to strength the muscles on the front of the leg that are responsible for lifting the foot. This is a good place to start if you are someone who is catching your foot on the ground or notice that you have an abnormal walking pattern. Strengthening this area will also improve safety, build walking confidence and improve your overall independence.

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Orlando Neuro Therapy says:

Hey guys, currently putting together a complete guide to foot drop. That will give you a 3 month plan. I would love to know your questions so that I can make sure to include the answers in the manual. Comment comment comment!! 🙏👇

phyllis vogel says:

Could you do a video on non bending knee and ankle from stroke ? I had partial paralysis on my left side, so when I walk my knee won't bend and ankle won't bend either. My foot kicks out a little. Also have foot drop, of course. Makes painful hip joint. Thank you so much for all your videos . I watch them all. You are an angel.

seuga11 says:

Thank you for this video!! I have had this problem for almost 10years and have only just found out that i have foot drop in my right foot. Gonna start doing exercises to help correct issues

glenda glen Villapa says:

hello dra im so glad that i saw this video regarding this foot drops and mild spasticity but is it also possible doc to use this exercises to my 5yr old boy with spasticity on the lower legs?

masoud malakoutipour says:

most pretty pinky redish roses for your smiles…

Tee Robi says:


Gia soto says:

I had a stroke about a year 1/2 ago I was Paralyze for about two months and I couldn’t walk up until 6 to 8 months after no I’m walking I have a drop foot my toes on walls can you help me with something because I don’t feel my foot I can’t move it please help me out I wanna walk again but I struggle

Marcella Sanders says:

From your description, I have foot drop with high tone/ and spasticity in my ankle

Kathleen Katsman says:

My first indication of foot drop occurred when I was at a symphony rehearsal been caught my right foot into a wedge on the stage. I fell and my instrument which was my viola went flying across the stage. after that I was falling all the time without giving me warning. I took my problem to the spine surgeon who performed lumbar Fusion. I was in a brace for a year. I then started physical therapy and they taught me how to walk. It appears after surgery then I had drop foot, so these exercises really help a lot. I can only hope and pray this drop foot nonsense will stop. After my fall with my viola it turns out that my Viola is fine thank goodness
I am hoping and praying for any response.

Kimberly Christensen says:


Sushrik Mukherjee says:

# I am MS patient and having problems of foot drop. Seek help please .

Debbie Bond says:

I can’t lift my toes ,what can I do about that?i have foot drop and spasticity in the calf muscle

Couponing Jen says:

Hi do you have any videos /advice for hip bursitis ? I have 2 torn discs in my back and my hips won’t let me sleep at night for the pain .

DeMorio Williams says:


Desire La Belle says:

For those who can't handle all the jibber jabber.. The exercise starts at 7:26

Michelle Sánchez says:

I have NMO, which is like MS on steroids. After my first and only attack, which practically left me without my 4 limbs from one day to the next, in 2016 I still have residual damage. I have numbness in my limbs, especially my feet. I also have foot drop in my left foot. Will these exercises help? Thank you so much for your response.

Jesus Castañeda says:

That what I have flappy foot thank you for your video God bless you

Anthony Carney says:

#foot drop

Anthony Carney says:

A good way to find out about drop foot is try to tap ur feet to music

Carlo Difuntorum says:

Thank you for the info. I have a foot drop due to nerve damage, i had an accident last Nov. 2019. I fell from 6meters high and had an L1 fracture spine. I had sugery last Dec. 2019. I hope i can walk normally again.

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