Frozen Shoulder Physical Therapy Pulley Exercises

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Buy on Amazon – – This video demonstrates several different pulley exercises to treat frozen shoulder. These exercises can also be used after shoulder surgery, manipulation, and for bursitis.

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Production Assistance by Dr. Christopher Chang:

Animation by O2Labz:

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Physical Therapy 101 says:

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Bengali Vloger Suparna says:

Thank you so much,welcome my channel subscribe and share me

nagendar babu says:

Thank you for posting vidieo from u r library

Steve Nicholas says:

Finally, I was looking for these exercises for frozen shoulder. Excellent video.

Saunya Munro says:

How many repetitions in a set?

Rajesh Suthar Bikaner says:

Can I use elastic tape of 2 inch width ?

MrNiceHk says:

Really brilliant video thank you

Mal Funk Shin says:

I have c5 palsy in my left arm from artificial disc replacement surgery. Would you recommend this exercise or something else?

Chogiwa Yehet Ohorat says:

Thank you!!! I never would've thought to use a simple pulley! My shoulder is newly diagnosed and frozen pretty solid right now. My doctor doesn't want to send me to physical therapy for fear that an overly aggressive therapist may create an even bigger mess, so he said to stretch at home. I will definitely send him this link and ask if this is okay, but I am quite sure he will say yes since I will be the one to decide how much pressure to use. Thank you so much for this excellent resource!!!

Saundra Kielborn says:

OMG, just did these, 17 days post SA decompression😫

Justin H says:

Where can I buy the pulley?

Bali -BAli says:

Thank`s so much for the video, very helpfull!!!

Sandra Conran says:

Generally concur but I do limit my clients on the raising to the side motion until later in recovery as one can sometimes create an impingement syndrome (tendonitis) if the stretch in that direction is overly aggressive and / or involves use of the involved arm working the motion rather than it going along for the ride while the good arm does the pulley work.

Rick Gaeta says:

Thanks for the video. What was used for the anatomy animation?

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