Full Back Workout Using Only Dumbbells (FORM EXPLAINED!)

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Whats goin on guys! In today’s video I’m gonna walk you through an entire back workout for anyone looking to put on some muscle but may only have access to some dumbbells then this is for you!

This workout will consist of 5 different exercises, all you’ll need is a set of dumbbells and a flat bench to perform this workout.

✅ Each exercise will be 3 sets of 12 reps ✅
1️⃣ Romanian Deadlifts – this is a great compound movement to start your back workout out. This exercise will hit your hamstrings, glutes and in general the posterior chair of your body. I prefer to place the dumbbells in front of my body for this movement. You’ll want your feet to be about shoulder width apart, toes pointed out, chest out, and back straight during this movement. You want to drive your hips back, then drop the weight down until its just below your knees, lastly at the top squeeze your glutes.

2️⃣ Single Arm Dumbbell Rows – for this movement really focus on driving the elbow back instead of what your wrist is doing. Once at the top, get a nice squeeze in your lats then drop back down and repeat.

3️⃣ Chest Supported Supinated Dumbbell Rows – you’ll want your chest down against the pad, with your palms facing up for this movement. Roll your shoulders back as you row the weight up & again focus on your elbows driving back instead of just moving the weight to your chest.

4️⃣ Dumbbell Lat Pullovers – for setting up this movement I like to have the bench just resting below the middle of my head so my neck is properly supported, this is extremely important as you go heavier with this movement. Once setup, your hips should be aligned with your body and not dropping down so keep your core tight. Before moving the weight, be sure to roll your shoulders back. As you begin the rep, drive your palms up into the air away from your body and stop just above your face to really engage your lats. Avoid going too far and squeezing with your chest to be sure you are engaging your lats as much as possible and keeping this a back movement.

5️⃣ Bent Over Double Arm Dumbbell Row Burnouts – this will be the final exercise and it’s time to completely gas the muscle so there’s nothing left in the tank! Make sure before starting this movement you have some bend in your legs so you are taking the most weight onto your thighs instead of your lower back. Same as the rows we did prior focus on driving your elbows back instead of just straight up. This movement needs to be slow, controlled, and perform as many reps as you can get in 1 set & you’re done with the workout!

Try this back workout the next time you have access to limited equipment or just want to change up your routine! What’s your favorite back exercise from this workout? Let me know down below.

Full Back Workout Using Only Dumbbells (FORM EXPLAINED!)
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Rodrigo Fuentealba says:

Thank you for making this video, helps a lot on getting over this damn quarantine

Simon Chandler says:

Great workout tips thanks! Not having a pull up bar, but only a couple of dumbbells, I was really stumped how to work my back during this damned coronavirus lockdown! 👍


I appreciate you taking the time to share your knowledge. Working out from home it helps to look at all possible exercises. Why anyone would give thumbs down when someone offers their expertise like this is beyond me. Thanks for the workout!

Narender Kumar says:

so nice of teaching thnku so much❤❤❤👍💪

saby8765 says:

Hmmm where did I see this before??

Anastasi Salonikidis says:

So glad I came across these videos! really helps with the gyms being closed able to work out from home with bench and dumbbells

LA_Roma says:

People are watching and thinking oh I'd like to have a body like that but all I want is that bench

Jason Jones says:

Thank Vshred! You have a new subscriber 👍🏾 good explanation

Jake says:

Thank you. Very helpful

Elizabeth H says:

How do you do chest supported supinated dumbbell rows with big boobs and no bench?

Nanu Ram says:

thank you bro

Darren Quin says:

Thanks sir I'm a beginner again now xxx

Pranshu says:

Any way to do third exercise at home without a bench?

declan conneely says:

how are you meant to do exercise 3 without a bench….like at home or in a hotel as u clearly stated?

Jason Coleman says:

Thanks mate. Your videos are calm and concise. In isolation and their just what I needed to keep me occupied. Cheers


The Rona brought me here.

Josh says:

Using only dumbbells , and a bench you mean

Steven T says:

I don’t have a bench to use, does anyone know how I could do the lat pullovers with stuff you can find in your house.

Steve 911 says:

it's not only using dumbbells, if you need a bench.

Tyler Lichkay says:

Couldn’t do the bench work-outs as I don’t have bench/incline at home.. so you’ll need a gym to follow this video!

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