Full Body HOME Bodyweight WORKOUT

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مهووس عضلات/كمال الاجسام says:

اتمنى ان يعجبكم I hope you like it

Dudleydudzz. says:

Love these ideas man. You should try one of my home workouts too! Let's get fit brother!

نيمار نيمار says:

تسلم على المجهود

EXO Spectix says:

Can teens do this too because I am upcoming to be a bodybuilder my self so would this help ?

Peso fitness 1 says:

السلام عليكم قناتي جديدة اتمنى دعمي بالاضافة محتوى قناتي ( تمارين – كيفية صنع الاوزان والدنابل – كيفية عمل نادي بالمنزل ) انزل كل يوم مقطع تابعوني من فضلكم ❤️🌹

Mão Nguyễn Ngọc says:

Em phương thuy mất máy của em phương thuy Chi mô Em phương thuy ạ

Every_thing says:

اقسم بالله الي يتابعني راح اتابعه فقط اعلموني بلايك 🔥


Wow! I just found website NextLevelDiet and read their fitness tips and recipes. I can't wait to get my diet and training plan from that site and transform my body. Summer body, here I come!

Stefan Prole says:


You can do anything you want, gain great muscle and save money, but with right products. I got my at trainhome shop (check on google) they are awesome.💪🏆

Сергей Тихомиров says:

Смехотища, качки не усрались там к дверям подтягиваться. Скажите что он Мля накачался так. Позорище, дрища не могли найти

Pintu Sharma890 Pintu Kumar says:


Тадеуш Космольский says:


wesley silva rosa says:


Gianni Li Pira says:

How many sets and reps for each exercise?

حكيمي بوت says:

بيبالك توقف ابدا

mr.artmico tv says:

Can't i reupload your video?

Vinayak Rane says:

Superb!!!! man…

Anass Ajbli says:

و سمحت تمارين منزلية لتوسيع الاكتاف

Sandeep Mohapatra says:

Most intresting exercise…i loved this channel 🙂

ihgnacio says:

Name model 1 one

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