Fun, low impact workout for TOTAL beginners

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ughh my heart says:

Okay sooooo. This was amazing. I feel confident. I didn't feel embarrassed about how I looked when working out and only focused on just the workout. When he said, "don't compare yourself to others. Compare only with yourself". It really hit the mark. His encouragement and high EQ really helped build self-esteem and confidence. Instead of self-loathing or shame, it made me feel empowered. I thought… I can really do this. Even though I was working out by myself there usually always is a sense of shame but not this time. I didn't give up. I actually finished and felt good. Thank you so much.

Noa Aga says:

Thank you so much for this video!!! Amazing workout, and you are so positive and motivating!! Loved it 💙

Elisabeth Ygorra says:

just to tell that your videos have been also used in France ! hope your team has a good health ! My best wishes from Paris.

tata james says:

Thank you so much.. this is the first time I stuck to a workout longer than a week.
I feel so much stronger and energetic and my weight is down 1 kg in just 1 week.. bless ur heart <3
guys try combining this amazing work out with fitnesspal app.. it will help you shed those kilos and
eat healthy.

Levina Warokka says:

Love this low impact workout !
Staying at home due covid -19
E’ry day since 17 march 2020 keep on moving , 💪🏻☀️☀️thank you

Jess Tormey says:

I've just found this. 👌

Jess Taylor says:

I’ve got hypermobility so a lot of videos with lunges and jumping squats really are no good for my hips. This workout doesn’t make me ache uncomfortably the next day which makes me eager and look forward to doing the video again the next day. I’m on day 5 and enjoying the video so far. My hips aren’t as achy as the beginning of the week and I can actually run upstairs again. So thank you 😀 I look forward to the possibility of progressing on to another of your videos but for now I’m enjoying this one 🙂

Daryl Griffiths says:

Finally a beginner's workout which is actually do able, first time I have done a proper workout since my cardio rehab a few years ago, actually managed to do the whole 30 mins without stopping although I will say my coordination was a bit lacking on a couple of the exercises

SuperMazzy11 says:

My 1st workout in 6 or 7 weeks. I’m here to fight off those nasty COVID CALORIES. I did the whole half hour and I’m sweaty and feeling good to be back at it !
Thank you for an easy to follow workout 🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺

Kimmypooh Malcolm says:

Finish your work out and it was great I feel great doing it as well thank you

Ginger Garneau says:

I love this group. The trainer has such a soothing positive voice and Lisa and Natasha are so darn cute! I have to do something to keep burning calories during this quarantine, and this workout is perfect.

Valerie Zverina says:

Great workout, safe on the joints, just the right motivation! Oh and the eye candy helps!

pink winters29 says:

Yeah 💪🏼I made it to the end!! 🤤

julie brown says:

Thank you so much for this video, you have kept me sane during the lockdown, I love your positivity and the fact your workouts have no jumping around and high kicks, I will defo be doing this a few times a week alongside my swimming, when the pool reopens that it 😁 x

Apg Garr says:

great workout. I just started to do this more since I'm in the house all day. Of all the workouts I've tried for me Yours is the best! I'm over 65 yrs young and I'm feeling better and stronger just after working out with you for 4 days and finally sweating. Thank you for all you do and encouragement. 🙂

Rassel Raymundo says:

Hi! Your work out routine really Helps me! Subscriber from the Philippines here!💜

Reem Qaddoreh says:

Such a great sessions 💐👍

Clare McAlone says:

Only just come across this workout, but it's brilliant!!! The instructor makes you feel like an individual and no judgement. Thank you

Pj Caluen says:

Thank you once agian coach i love your exercises and may God bless you coach

Julia Archie says:

Perfect workouts to keep going, in Covid19 lockdown ! Thank you for the encouragement. The workouts are challenging but definitely do-able.

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