Gaining Muscle Mass with Bodyweight Exercises

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Status King says:


Rdx- ProjkT says:

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TJ Skochelak says:

Good video 👍. Hilarious about the CrossFit pullups

Bryanna Jordan says:

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1STMAN says:

Counting 1 to 4 is actually 3 seconds. Everyone forgets the 0. Count down 4,3,2,1,0. Count up 1? 2?

Akira Villarreal says:

Do natural popular lose weight diet plan like Custokebon Secrets really work and if so, how effective are they? We have noticed numerous amazing things about this popular fat burn secrets.

Zara Carr says:

Do anybody know about Custokebon Secrets? Does it really work? I hear many people burn their fat with this popular fat burn method.

abdulrahman basabrain says:

who is here because they can't go to the gym due to the corona virus

bellaStracciatella says:

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Jason Hollis says:

Get a weighted vest🤔

Kool Burn says:

Lmao, his comments and body movement talking about kipping chinups😂🤣

Messenger 45 says:

Also guys. In between the intervals visually see it as you are using weights.

(Thus the reason it takes you 4 seconds to complete each movement)

Messenger 45 says:

I love u. Plz come marry me

Ari Benscher says:

Why do you call it 444 and not 4444. At which part of the exercise whether push up or pull up do you not have to wait four seconds ? I assume four seconds up four seconds down four second hold up and four seconds hold down

KA R says:

😆😆😆 Ahhh shit Elliot……loving that Cross Fit Chin Up impression.

Manou El says:

"Do something different and you get a different response". I should say something. Elliott, you are a genius. Simple perspective and instinct are the most difficult things to reach in modern life.

cris sanchez says:

i do 20 for 2ominutos wey yo mero putito

ttdokes says:

This is where Jay z got his title to his album, 444. Lmao

Mysterious Anonymous says:

You know man
you really changed my mind about the manner of training and exercising Cuz was doing like calisthenics players
Doing the reps and sets rapidly and focusing on the number of the rounds but from now onwards I'll devote myself to the system ( Tiem under tension) I wanna get my muscles contracted and squeezed during I'm practicing my drills
At the first time I was always wondering about the slow progress of my muscles growth but after I got your idea I hope everything is going to be adapted with what I want

Joe Cruz says:

If I did the 4-4-4 on chin ups I'd probably only do 3

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