Get Body Transformation In 30 DAYS ! ( Home Workout )

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Get Body Transformation In 30 DAYS ! ( Home Workout ) By Ivan Rusakov

On my channel, a video has finally been released for those who asked to do and were looking for a workout at home full body, full body without equipment, full body without dumbbells and full body exercises. Everyone who wants to get a quick body transformation basically does not want to go to the gym, so the workout at home is a key factor, and also most people at home have a backpack and some weight that can be put in it, so this video is perfect for you. If you are a beginner and you have no experience in training, then I showed you the correct and incorrect technique of performing the exercise, the anatomy of working muscle groups and information about how many sets and repetitions you need to do !

It does not matter whether you are a man or a woman, this workout and exercises are the best and most effective, but also do not forget about the rules of nutrition and have a good rest after the work done 😉

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Ivan Rusakov says:

If you are wondering what I eat in order to look good, then subscribe to Instagram 👇🏻

Carl Vincent Rempillo says:

what's the weight of the bag?

Gabriele Monasterolo says:

Can i do this every day or i need to keep some days to rest? And do i have to keep some minutes to rest between every exercise?

RaRas says:

Ok bro ima do this till 3 months later, hope i can keep on the progress

p2kap2tt says:

Okay i trust you bro, trying this workout for 30 days

ASV says:

I am struggling for the transformation of his day 1 lol 😂

Junwoo Park says:

every day or with rests?

KAY_DOTT says:

Sofa dips were crazy

Sushant Rajput says:

Starting these exercise from tomorrow and dropping this cmnt here so that if i forgot, u all can like the cmnt and i can continue to do these

Erion Avdija says:

What do u keep in that backpack 🎒 ?

MLG-Craft says:

1. Sofa Dips (4 Sets – 14 Reps) – 0:13

2. Push-Ups with Bag (5 sets – 10 Reps) – 0:39

3. Single Curls with Bag (4 sets – 11 Reps) – 1:11

4. Incline Push – Ups (4 Sets – 13 Reps) – 1:39

5. Sitting Calves Raises with Bag (4 Sets – 15 Reps) – 2:08

6. Single Rows with bag (4 Sets – 12 Reps) – 2:40

7. Decline Push – Ups (4 Sets – 13 Reps) – 3:14

8. Single Leg Squats on Chair (4 Sets – 10 Reps) – 3:49

9. Back Forearms Flex (3 Sets – 15 Reps) – 4:26

Mohammed Antar says:

Kann ich die Tasche mit Hantel vertauschen

Mayank Agrawal says:

Do i these all exercises serial wise of only 1 1 set???

Adolf Hitler says:

What's inside the bag?

VeibaeBetterThanU says:

What do I do if I can’t do one of the exercises?

Mohammed Antar says:

Best workout 💪🏻

Ali Gilgil says:

What does sets mean

Dyrot Forever says:

Just sucked now way to get 30 days abs

Charity Ungard says:

What do sets mean

Sabitra Sabitra says:

What is sets and reps?

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