GET CURVIER HIPS workout with resistance bands #5 Not For Beginners

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Hana Milly says:

Last part of S-Line Body program. It’s going to be sore 🔥! Beginners start from part 1-4. Our next program (will start immediately) is 7 Min 7 Day Full Body Tone & Sculpt – Quarantine Challenge. The new program is not to gain, but to burn calories + fat since we stay at home, tone up muscles and resistance training. This program is completely free 🙌 don’t forget to click the like and subscribe button. If you want to join this challenge, let us know by leaving your comment down below. Update your progress on our community or create your own Youtube video sharing your progress to motivate people to get fit 👍More FREE workout programs Quick & intense workouts

Yendi HR says:

OMGGG my booty loves uuuuuuuu ❤️
I love this workout! Hurtssssss so delicious 😍😍🔥👌🏻

Anna L says:

8:30 I'm scared to do that with my resistance bands lol I'm afraid they might get damaged or loosen over time

Sara 3z says:

Hi dear, I finished VOl3 I really benefit 😭♥️♥️ what is the next step? I can do any lower workout system I want or I have to repeat all levels as do not lose my own result?

Shafeen Akhtar says:

1. Jumping jacks 20 seconds
2. Reverse lung 20 seconds
3. Squat 20 seconds
4. Standing core twist 20 seconds
5. 30 Squats
6. 20 side to side squats on each side
7. 30 Sumo squat pulsing squats
8. Squat hold 40 seconds
9. 10 Superman
10. 10 deadlift with leg in lunge position each side
11. 10 deadlifts
12. 10 half deadlifts
13. Plank 40 seconds

emilia rincon says:

I love your green shirt you’re so gorgeous Hana thanks for inspiring to work on my bootayy

Kate hush says:

thanks to you I grow thick thighs

heavenly star says:

Which type is this band light or heavy

JSK Creations says:

Hey hana, I have PCOD please suggest some excercise.

dissaprovingrabbits says:

Youre the best, i love following along to your videos❤️ thank you!

Stacy ramon says:

The first workout program I have fully completed because it actually works. You are amazing thank you so much for this!!

Nat Fablife says:

Enjoyed your content

Yana Magaril says:

Hi, I am so excited to start this program:) how many parts I should do a day? Every day? 6 times a week? Thank you

ajorie Day says:

I hana thanks you so much I work out 4 days per week and I am seeing great results my thighs are well tone and butt seems rounder…love all the work out.
I need to purchase your resistance band but how much is it in US dollars.
Continue to be my inspiration and stay safe. 💞💕from NYC

Kadijah Cropper says:

New subscriber to your channel came here to get my body right for the summer

Fahm Kech says:

Hi Hana! I started work out last October 2019 to get rid of hip deeps but no results until now want you to help me to make a good plan to workout, I'm confusing😞 sometimes I did sometimes not .

SO _Tube says:

I need a video to get rid of leg fat as soon as possible 🙏🙏💖

Vandana Upadhyay says:

I have two baby
I have so stubborn fat on my lower and upper belly
I wish that I could find a good body

cisca D says:

Thank you Hana👏🏾🥰.. Are these exercises also appear on your website?

Emily Cox says:

can you please make a video on how to get bigger calf’s because my thighs are getting bigger as i wanted from these videos but now my calf’s look odd.

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