Get Ripped from Home – HIIT Workout (No Equipment Needed)

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Follow along with Stefan Heria and Shawne Lozano in this Get Ripped from Home HITT Workout that you’ll need no equipment for!

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Nathan A. Gamer says:

Awesome! 3rd time around and I'm feeling it!

Laeeq Qureshi says:

wtf i coudon do single for more then ten secs

Lil Codeine says:

Does this burn fat ?

John-Rey Macatuggal says:

Much respect to that big guy! Cant even finish the first set. lmao 🙂

Jerin Joseph says:

Hey ! Is it okay if I do this 3 ROUNDS OF HIIT WORKOUT for 6 days a week ?

Alberto salvo' says:

shawnelozano sei bravoooooo!!!!!! e tanto bello

Rod C says:

How much rest in-between each set?

Marquise Johnson says:

Any idea on how long we should rest between sets? Also how often are you guys doing this a week?

Jake Paul says:

Suggestion for new quarantine beginners : do 1 set everyday for a week then gradually increase to 2

xu wang says:

I paused this video,so they could have a rest

M. Hafidh Al-Ghani says:

Can you replace the burpees with other exercise? Can’t seem to make more than 3 burpees😂, i’m absolutely DONE after the first round…

Nhlanhla Mfeka says:

"That completes round 1, you have 2 more to go…." 💀💀💀

ttttkk2 says:

how many days a week should i do it?

Jared Griffith says:

I just tried this i almost picked my coffin

C P says:

I did one round and was happy, then at the end of the video he said we have 2 more rounds …

Kemberly Xavier says:

It's my second day of this workout and I'm only able to do the first round

Hannah Zhou says:

I love how all the Thenx workouts are full body and don't focus on just part of the body.

Young Leixuu says:

3:09 and I died.

Scott Michael says:

After round 1 I'd be done. I'm terribly out of shape, have bad neck back knees and torn rotator cuff. Not to mention I'm 40 lbs overweight and barely fit in my pants anymore 🤣 20% bodyfat @6'3" and I'm 33yo, can't even run a quarter mile without wanting to pass out

To think I was in the army a decade ago is laughable

WillTooWavy _ says:

Does the thenx app cost money in the app

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