Get Strong Legs in 7 MIN | Killer HOME LEG WORKOUT (NO EQUIPMENT)

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Get Strong Legs in 7 MIN Killer HOME LEG WORKOUT NO EQUIPMENT #legs #homeworkout #igorvoitenkoworkout
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Rizon says:

Why was there a yousician music app ad for a gym workout 😂

Devid Kevin says:

Both of my legs vibrate like Nokia ringing after I did this workout! It's worth it!


brother can you tell me the reason why you are doing your workout in slow pace.Is There some reason to do at this pace

Kado says:

Dear NEXT Workout. I like your videos very very much, thye are amazing, as you and your motivation. i want to ask that are you working out a the GYM too? or just at home with bodyweight?

puma 265 says:

this workout is dope

Demeexx says:

bro i doing it with dumbbells,and i reach hypertrophy even lot easier

Oxford Blues says:

feel so good though i got struggled but i will do it again.thanks

이태한 says:

How many set do i have to?

Artcz says:

So don’t just do it once a week but once a day ?

Buğra Torun says:

Can this stunt growth i am 16 6,4 not atlethic 88kg

Myystery says:

3 ersten Übungen

Charles says:

Before doing this workout i thought

im not gonna use a wheelchair

J V says:

Which is better work out the 6mins legs or this killer legs of igor?

Kibet Immanuel says:

Hey, would you do us a video of leg workout specifically hamstrings, ass and calves???

Gibran Fahad says:

random guy: the leg workouts are easy
igor: wait for the last workout bro:))

Alex Oswald says:

I could do 10 knee push ups in the last set lol

N7 MUSIQ says:

Day 2 completed

Allaudin Shaikh says:

Last 2 exercises is very hard😂

Zaib Ansari says:

Your squats are wrong do not go full down its gonna hurt your knees wrong

Pablo Garcia says:

how many sets should I do?

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