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Big Legs, No Weights:

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This FitnessFAQs video is designed for those who have skinny legs, you will learn a full bodyweight leg workout you can do at home. To do this calisthenics leg workout, you do not need any equipment, no gym and no weights needed. The training consists of the step up, nordic curl, natural leg extension and calf raise variations. Bodybuilding by bodyweight to build and grow mass in the legs is possible with the right exercises and workout program. Both men and women can follow this routine if they are looking to build muscle in the legs.

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FitnessFAQs says:

Big Legs, No Weights:


Daunte Hodgins says:

you are literally in a gym why tf do you refuse to ise weights lol

vawa-ID says:

you forgot the glutes…

Jethron Micah says:

Here at 999k subscribers

Patrick Spensieri says:

Our boy Daniel

Schinagl Daniel says:

Don't make any excuses find the way! okay, thx! lol

XxWTGxX says:

It’s so hard for me cus I got osgood sphlatter and it rly hurts when I bend my leg. If u know what that is search it on YouTube

romseo says:

Hi ! I don't have any ways to do the nordic curl at home. Can you suggest any alternatives to the nordic curl? Thanks in advance !

Julie Zirinsky says:

The Step Up exercise, from my understanding of how the human body works, is dangerous. Whenever the knee extends further/over the ankle, you are putting a disproportionately high/excessive amount of stress on your knee. Happy to be challenged on this but I believe it's a pretty established principle.

Revolution Official says:

Cheers boss 👊💯

The Warrior says:

How about the rest time? How long in between set?

Ellency says:

So good. Best channel, thanks

Robert Charles says:

i use and its great during this fcking period

sergio delgado says:

Does someone know if instaed of holding with the calfs in the nordic curls what holds aré my feet Is the same result?

albanian challenge albanian challenge says:

Bravisi mo hahahahahah qeni niher hup

Mariano Herrero says:

Hello Daniel, I have a question…the third excersice is healthy for the knees?

Kwaneleki Kilani says:

How many times in a week should I do this?

Hendrik K says:

Oh yes, I like this workout alot.


thank you! Very well structured training!

Mike Hawk says:

1:40 use the bottom of a car I found it to be perfect size if you can fit your legs under

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