GREAT 20 minute exercise workout for Beginners and Seniors!!

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This is a 20 minute workout led by Fitness Instructor, Jenny McClendon, MS, PT – great for beginners and seniors. No equipment needed. Easy to follow! Enjoy your workout!

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Irene Chapa says:

I love it ,

Vicky Mayhan says:

Good workout but cuts off before cool down. For a a little fast for seniors.

Lisa Gendhar says:

This video ended at the cardo routine with no cool down.

Navin Bhai says:

Hi Jenny mam very very nice thenks

Patrica Abbott says:

This is marvelous thank you a million Covid19 has put a big hold on our lives, i really appreciate this work out because i was so depressed ❤🙏

jayne bruno says:

enjoyed have bursitus in lhip so I"m improvising thank you look forward to it every other day!

Margaret Gates says:

Really good Jenny , just starting today , looking forward

S Dupuis says:

Enjoying this workout to get the blood flowing at home but, Video stops before then end!? Where’s the rest?

Jane Elvin says:

Thank you
I Love your exercises

Wild Aphrodite says:

I'm 265 pounds and looking for ways to get fit. Found this video and made it through 15 minutes. I had walked for 3 minutes at 3 mph on my treadmill before this, as well as cleaning my house. I'll definitely be using this video daily. Thank you so much! 💕

Norine Petrone says:

I'm 71 and I loved this workout ! I'll be doing it every day! Thank you

Nicky Simpson says:

I love these sessions! They make me feel great and are keeping me fit during lockdown. The music is my era and it helps me enjoy the routines. Thank you Jenny!  I am recommending you to all of my family!

Nina Magno says:

hi Jenny, happened to browse your video, badly need to get back to my exercise, just feeling some shoulder pain. hoping it will improve with your gentle exercise. Thank you Nina

Nausika Blue says:

bravo food work for my age. Thank You.

Jocelyn Winters says:

Just discovered all those places that need to be worked 😂 Thanks… any chance the cool down could be added to the end?

Ellen Swengel says:

My husband and I have been starting our lock-down mornings with you, Jenny. Thanks for the excellent varied workouts!

Robert Disney says:

Kathleen here, I also can't thank you enough. I'm 74 years old, got a Black Belt in Karate, 20 years ago….Love your cardio kick boxing class, just what I needed. Just one suggestion, when punching, thumb must cover your last knuckle, wrist straight. Also love your cardio classes. I might just drop my gym membership after quarantine and just take your classes!

TheLadyOnceler says:

Did this this afternoon and really enjoyed it!

Angela Foley says:

Thank you, enjoy your workouts hopefully will be good and fit once this lockdown is over.
Wales UK

siun kearney says:

thanks Jenny. I’m doing your class outside overlooking the sea in west cork Ireland. Brilliant. Keep safe

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