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TRAIN WITH ME! Give this 10 minute home booty workout a try! It’s a super quick and effective workout with some of my top booty building and shaping exercises. You can perform all of the exercises in this routine without any equipment but if you’re looking for an extra challenge add a booty band/exercise resistance band.

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jesser hernandez says:

0:06, Again please. 😉

Cami Lemons says:

Does anyone have hip dips when first trying this ? If so, has this workout routine helped get rid of them ?

Arizona Funguy says:

You growing your bootie makes me grow my cawk!!!!!!

Steve White says:

She so Flirtatious 🥺😎 Hey Men's can do this to no Hoemo

Ernesto Flores says:

Super yummy 🤘🤤🥃😍😍😍😍😍😍😍🤘🤤love it

SirOWNZalot Gaming says:

Damn 🍑👀

Skinny Fat says:

Can i order this ? I live in Switzerland. I hope to hear from you. Bisous!

Demi-leigh Bate says:

I'm going to update cause I'm bored in the house

Day one: it burned and i went on a bike ride after.
Day two: my leg muscles are more defined already however I have been going on bike rides.
day three: I ran 4k before and it hurt!!
Day four: its working!!

Pain says:

I need the camera at better angels so I can see what your doing better 😉

Cee C says:

5:00 she is doing the exercise wrong her back should be flat on the ground instead of arching ……..

FIT GIRL24 says:

I love your movement !!

Riah_ says:

I've been following her on Instagram for awhile and never knew she had a accent..shes such a cutie 💓
Loved this workout!

TK Fitness says:

Amazing perfect body!

Jezza Claire Guillermo says:

Glutes Activation
Seated Abduction 30sec
Squats 30sec
2 Squats, 5 pulses 30sec
Donkey Kicks (left) 30 sec
Donkey kicks (right) 30sec
Glute bridges 30 sec
Straight leg raises (left)
Straight leg raises (right)

Lord Ramoth says:

Great joke Dani!!!

Edit: your tv's not big enough.

Edit 2: seriously great video.

Edit 3: women with pony tails are hot.

T ' says:

Has anyone got good results from doing this??

Amanada Nunez says:

I’ve been doing this workout for a while and it really works

Tone Capone says:

Shorty thiccc

Alissia Adorni says:

how often should I do this

Milan Milanovic says:

Nice stuff!Keep going

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