Grow Your Glutes AT HOME (NO EQUIPMENT!!)

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Ready to hit some glutes?

Just because you’re at home doesn’t mean you can’t get a great glute workout. I specifically made this to show whether you’re a man or woman you can get a killer glute workout at home with no equipment.

Try it and let me know what you think & what video you want next!

IG: ryanhumiston
Song: We Up – Kick Lee

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ChubbaChuba says:

I’d marry you….

Giannis john john says:

Nice 👌👏👌

Ye su says:

Starting at 2:50, aahh that doesn't look comfortable and by your facial expressions, I can say yeap….definitely not comfortable at all 😂😅😉😅.

A J says:

@ryanhumiston how many reps do you recommend for each of these

Francisco Sifuentes says:

Yea sure by doing this i Will have his legs jajajajaja ridiculous…. Be realistic

Ak Am says:

Thought this was Austin Wolf for a second 😂

MR.Pewdiegamer says:

I really liked your legs.. They are very mascular

Zaylayah Sweeting says:

His face he looks like he’s in so much pain 😂😂

Houna Mao says:

Really good content here!

John Bisset says:

At 82 in July, I noticed my Glutes, were getting flabby. These are a bit much for me, but I’ll adapt them.
Never thought I’d ever have a flabby butt, but I did. Nice to know, I can work on them.Thanks.
PS, maybe adapt your method for us Seniors.

Julio Viruez says:

Damn he is sexy

Tariq Reid says:

How many reps and sets would you recommend?

Marianne Kay says:

I'm 64 and my knees are gone. I have severe Osteo arthritis and am having knee replacement surgery in June on both knees. I don't work out and I don't watch work out videos. I don't understand why you tube is recommending this video to me. I only like the knitting ANF cooking videos and my movies. Watching this makes me feel old and crippled in my wheel chair.

Karina G says:

How many times a week should I do this workout ?

Gamaliel l says:

Show the glutes.

Sergio Nelson says:

Short, precise, to the point. Please keep it that way and, thank you! Subscribed.

Alex Belden says:

Nice exercise bro, how I can start to build my body like yours?.

Yet Solema says:

Nice one broda..i am from the philippines and i really like ur video..hope u can drop by to my house too and hit my doorbell bro..peace bro

J LK says:

Love your videos! 🔥 short, sweet, and to the point 👌🏼

thalia says:

yea yea that’s cute turn around for me

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