Hamstring Exercises At Home. No equipment 15 minute strength routine.

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Strong hamstrings are critical if you want to run fast, jump high, and be agile. Also, strong hamstrings reduce the risk of strains, tears, and injuries —both common among athletes and fitness fanatics. Whether you are recovering from an injury or just want to be more bulletproof, doing hamstring exercises consistently will help you realize all of your athletic ambitions.  Don’t have access to a gym but want to get some hamstring exercises in at home? Press play on this no equipment hamstring strength routine.

The hamstring is a group of three muscles that extends across the back of the thigh and moves the leg forward and backward. It’s important for everyday movement like walking, but also key for athletes whose sports require sprinting, like soccer, football, basketball or track and field. Its also an important muscle group to strengthen to help with knee pain, foot pain, and a variety of overuse injuries. Long story short: the hamstrings are ESSENTIAL in you feeling and moving your best. I created this hamstring strength routine to help you keep your hamstrings happy!

Reminder: if you are new to hamstring exercises, this video might be hard for you! Take breaks when you need to. Many of my coaching clients get hamstring CRAMPS when their hamstrings are weak and undertrained. This is common! Again, take breaks and listen to your body! If you use this video routine consistently you WILL get stronger and one day this video will be a BREEZE for you ( #goals ).

As always, check with your doctor or physical therapist before starting this or any exercise routine. This video does not replace medical advice. Honor your body and move mindfully.

Holy cow! Put them all together and those hamstring exercises are HARD! Did you do it? How do you feel??? Im already sore! Let me know how you and your hamstrings did in the comments below.

After you’ve progressed with bodyweight exercises, you’ll need to add different stimulus to your training to avoid plateaus and keep getting stronger results. I have a hamstring training program that includes more advanced exercises as well as a Strength program that utilizes weights to shape and define your entire body.

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Both provide incredible value if you are looking to build a bulletproof body, prevent injuries, and get stronger! Im proud of these programs because they provide real results. Greater hamstring strength is just icing on the cake 😉
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Recycla says:

Thank you so much from Spain!!

Jeffrey Patterson says:

You said no equipment

Ava Berry says:

this didn’t do anything and i didn’t feel anything at all

Mayte Salazar says:

I LOVE your energy In this video !! Actually makes me want to exercise

Dominic Zerafa says:

One legged chair exercise was great

KLR P says:

My physical therapist told me it would be a good idea to strengthen my hamstrings for my back injury (hamstrings and glutes and abs all help with your back). But I'm also "internally rotated" which is why my hamstrings are so weak, my *internal rotation" doesn't let me do most of these exercises 😭😭 but I don't have a gym membership!
But the exercises do look like they'd be killer!

a says:

title says "no equipment", proceeds to upsell a band

alex williams says:

I can't toutch my toes something is wrong with me I swear

Ana says:

May you be blessed with health your entire life. Thanks for these helping ease my pain. I was looking to strenghten hamstring + loosen-up tight hip flexors as a cure for lordosis but non of phydical therspists could help me. They always gave me the exercised where you bridge your hip up that aggravated my lower back pain. But you skillfully pointed out that we should skip that one if we have lower back pain and the rest were just awesome. I am pain free. May god bless you

Samantha Pardo says:

The last exercise is kinda impossible if you don’t have upper body strength and a big ole heavy booty.

Tamara Jokic says:

i love this

Natalie G says:

Will this tone your legs?

Surfin' Brain says:

Are you by any chance related to Michael Jordan?

David Rieger says:

Love the heel to butt, I need to try!! How much weight was the band resistance?

David Rieger says:

On the butt kickers, you are supposed to literally kick your own butt

Mary Anne Gebhart says:

😬😕 3:25 !



Abdul Azees Aadhil says:

Great video
Thank you…😊😊

Gina Albright says:

More intense that I imagined:-)

steven funke says:

has helped me immensely, thanks

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