Helping Men Fight Belly Fat

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Listen up guys- In this week’s ‘Motivation To Move’ we’re learning why belly fat can contribute to a number of health issues, and some great ways to fight it.

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Riyas Beeran says:

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Hi I have heart problems I weigh 70.3 kg I am a smoker who is trying to quit I struggle to exercise but have a high metabolism i eat and eat but sont gain weight I'm 24 in may getting married next year can you suggest anything

Official Ray Ray says:

Time to ask my crush out again once I get these abs

AC3 says:

Excerise 2 seems like a Pornhub intro

TeaFC says:

Who else is watching this right after they ate chicken wings

Optic500 says:

I get fat around my midsection but i stay the same weight for ages :/

Haris Hussain says:

Having tattoo is hygenic ??????

Lil Plugz says:

Nigga you supposed to show the belly not the ass

Ias Howle says:

Do the Nacho Libre when I do planks. Got it

Lil kiddo says:

Each like i get i will do 10 push ups

Mano A says:


Ishaan Ismail says:

This is very confusing thin yo
You thing this will not be the belly down he want to learn every thing she wanna do

Leake Pouliton says:

This video is a racist

Everyday Tea says:

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emmanuel says:

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Kwobina Legend says:

Who recorded this

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Unknown Username says:

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Fernando Rojas says:

Why are people disliking they don’t like exercise

Amit Chib says:

Talk less 😪

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