Home Bicep Workout – No Equipment | Bicep Exercises at Home Without Weights

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What’s up Ji Time Fam,

In today’s video I will be showing you a home bicep workout which requires no equipment or weights. You can do this bicep workout at home and you will only need a chair, towel and a doorway. 4 bicep exercises which can be done at home and these 4 bicep exercises make up 1 round. No rest in between exercises. At home repeat for 3 rounds resting 2 minutes in between each round. If you liked this video hit that like button and subscribe for more health and workout videos like this!

List of exercises:
1. Resisted leg bicep curls (8 reps each arm)
2. Isometric bicep hammer curl each arm using a towel (30 seconds hold each arm)
3. Doorway single arm bicep curl – using bodyweight as resistance (8 reps each arm)
4. Isometric bicep curl hold (30 seconds hold)

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Barbell Blondie says:

Super creative! Thank you!

GS - 11DG - Fletchers Meadow SS (2492) says:

Who else here cuz of the quarantine 🙁

HardWera says:

who's here because of corona my dudes

Ivan C says:

Dumb as fuck. Thanks for nothing.

Jason Ashenden says:

Trying this because of Corona Quarantine, works well if you do about 6-8 sets with 30 seconds rest in between each. Cheers man, great help.

Raymond Andes says:

Thanks! Very easy to comprehend and follow! Gracias!

Kevin Garrett says:

Here before the Corona boom

Aleatoriedades aleatórias says:

Get a refrigerator and do curls with it, lightweight babyyy

Darragh McConn says:

Bro great job keep it up. Videos are great

Smileyisback says:

I dont have a floor

Thabo Pitso says:

Thank you soo much Bro God bless you

clansolder 007 says:

I'm tall and my towel isnt bug enough

ApocalypticAshes says:

Well im going to do this for a month and see if i get the results im looking for then continue (im at the end of week one)
Broken heart and depression is my motivation…

yj says:

holy shit the leg bicep curls is smart as hell LOL I didn't even think of it

CopperLincoln says:

You clearly don't like your knees or door trim.

Marquis of death says:

How long would it take for my bicep to grow?

Matthew Dunn says:

Very helpful. I'll use it. No swearing next time, pease!

Eduard Ebel says:

My doorways can't hold me 😭 ( sadly not too fat or heavy yet, just poor doorway design and cheap landlord )

Try the doorway curls and rotate your upper body from parallel, when extended bicep, to perpendicular, when contracted bicep, to the doorframe. Packs a bigger punch and wider range of motion in my personal experience

Best of Luck


Best of Luck

Kamran Khan says:

Too much background noise….
Music sucks

Bad Bud says:

I ripped off my leg… so strong now

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