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How to build big muscular calves without a calf raise machine.

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In this video you’re going to learn how to perform a very effective muscle building calf workout using minimal exercise equipment. All you’ll need is some basic free weights, a barbell or a set of dumbbells.

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God's Mercy says:

how do i do the standing barbell calve raisers without any shoulder or back pain?

Chris Waltman says:

What rep range do you like for building strength (not just size)

SquatsnDeads812 says:

With standing if you have balance issues the smith might come in handy

SquatsnDeads812 says:

I never tried seated does it burn the calves more than when you are standing due to isolation?

RK mallick says:

Please tell me how much sets and reps i do in seated calf raises.

Daulton Horton says:

I have skinny calves, I'm out of shape, and yet I use 90 lb power block dumbbells at my house for seated calves, I put the weights all the way out to the end of my knees and it's still not enough weight, so I do standing calves first to tire my calves out, and yet I can still bust out about 30 reps with good form…
the problem is that with a seated calf raise machine at the gym the weights are farther out in front of your knees, so the same amount of weight is actually way more weight, just like if you put weight on the end of a bar the further out the weight it is the more it's going to weight!
I also tried using Blood Flow Restriction devices to cut the circulation off in my legs so I could use lighter weight and I can still do too many reps.

For standing calves in your home gym you can use a safety squat bar because you don't have to hold on to the bar and you can hold on to your power cage or something for balance and then do standing calf raises…

But every gym should have a seated calf raise machine, why some don't (like planet fitness) I don't know!

Smith machines don't work that well either because you have to put too much weight on them and then they are hard to get into position unless you do one leg at a time, and then it takes too much time to do your workout!

Solution, do standing calves at home, and seated calves at the gym,
Or buy a seated calf raise machine and put it in your home gym!

They are really not that expensive and some pieces are important enough that they are worth the room because they are hard to do the exercise without!

mnsusa says:

Too much fucking around..If your gym doesn't have calf machine equipment join elsewhere.

paporoman roman says:

Old school excercise style👍

Pascal R. says:

any advice for donkey calf raises without machine ?

Jose Ocasio says:

hi lee,
is it okay to do for these calf exercises
4 sets of 15 reps

Lucid Dremora says:

Hey guys im a 17 Year Old male and a few months ago i got nerve damage on my right upper body and its hard to go back to normal lifting pushups are also hard to do And i cant lift wieght my left arm can what is a great way to recover from this? any help is appreciated

The Khan says:

Nice one Lee, and didn't think of that myself and sometimes the simplest ideas are the best. Will be trying it on tomorrow's training. Also, you are a brilliant coach and have solid knowledge in a no nonsense approach 👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽

Erick Barriga says:

Man, your calves are bigger than your arms, don't they? jaja. Great routine! Thanks Lee!

SilverHazardX84 says:

Have your calves always been that big? Even before you started lifting?

bugzfreak says:

Hi Lee, I have long limbs genetically and I'm fairly tall (6 1), it makes my arms and legs look a lot skinnier than they actually are, is there a way to get past this?

koleary1798 says:

Hi Lee, (or anyone who can answer this), how are calf muscles so strong? I weigh 168ish and yet I can do one legged calf raises. No other muscle group can lift my body in a unilateral isolation exercise. What's the deal?

Kb says:

i got those same shorts haha

Kassem Njm says:

Thanks man👍🏼

wbowen05 says:

Yep I learned the hard way not to go too extreme on the weight for seated calf raises

Djouini Badreddine says:

thanks man been looking fr this one

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