Home Tricep Workout (You Can Do Anywhere)

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Join Chris Heria as he shows you the best Home Tricep Workout to achieve real results without ever having to leave the comfort of your home. No Gym No Problem!

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najnin begum says:

Low key that’s so workout 100% + hard.

Jerry Bunes says:

Who here cause of covid19😭

Giandira says:

Corona virus will give up when we doing calisthenics, workout and being sweated.

Miguel Ramirez says:

Those tricep push-ups are awesome

mohd wasim says:

I love you brother I really enjoy excercise thank you

KVE763 WAJ says:

Before I could barely do 3 push ups but now I can do 20 and it's a cakewalk
I'm gonna go for 100 right now I'll update my results

Jonathan DeBerry says:

Could you possibly show me some modifications for this workout? I'm a right arm amputee at my shoulder.

Manav Patel says:

Hey John Chris,
I am hardly left with any energy after completing just one cycle of your workout, what do you suggest. How should I proceed.

Miran says:

Does this workout work for teens?, 14-16 year olds

Britain Wells says:

Circling back and still love all your videos. My only thing with this video is that diamonds are in a video about working tris. Diamonds are going to work your pecs a lot more. To really hit those tri's in a similar position, people can do a plank to tri extension (tiger pushup)

Nonstopkillin598 says:

So just do likeable pushups?

David Rodriguez says:

Parecía simple pero estuvo explosivo. Gracias por el entrenamiento

Charles Gordon says:

Hey Thenx team,

It would be helpful to leave the name of workout and the amount of reps up while he is completing the workout. Thank you

Saef Galia says:

How many rounds should it be done?

Don Gato says:

Que bueno sería subtitulado en español

Marcus Cowie says:

The cross tricep extension was weird and my arms hurt so bad!😂

hamoda hamidi says:

The last one hits different

SkankHunt42 says:

Me :”Mom can we go to AthleanX??? Mom :”No, we have AthleanX at home!” AthleanX at home :

Liran Fred says:

what about the rest between each exercise?

L.O.N Lord of Nothing says:

Should I do 3 sets each one after another or do 1 set of each continuously and come back to the first workout once I'm done with the psuedo pushups?

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