How To Build A Perfect Chest At Home

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How to build your Chest at home with different variations of Chest exercises!

*Closed Caption is available in this video*

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Before beginning this or any exercise program, please consult a physician for appropriate exercise prescription and safety precautions.

The exercise instruction and advice presented are in no way intended as a substitute for medical consultation. As with any exercise program,
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you should stop immediately and consult a physician.

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Jordan Yeoh Fitness says:

Disclaimer: I did not achieve this physique by doing these exercises alone. This video is just a demo for those who want to activate/strengthen their Chest at home without gym equipment.
Are these exercises still useful? For beginners, absolutely yes! However, speaking about Muscle Hypertrophy, imo it is still no where close to training with real weights.

If you think this video is helpful and you would like to see more. Be sure to check out the next video on How To Build Your Shoulder At Home. Link: 👉

Λtosch says:

Is it possible to get a body like yours at home? What am i going to eat? Im new to this stuff and bec of the current epedemic i cannot go to the gym so im askin you for help?

《MR.》 《ķîňğ》 says:

Nice body bradar

Babar Balak says:

I thought he is using Photoshop 😂😂
Btw luv ur boddyy

arvind sharma says:

My tries to do it,, my body hold up buckaroo

shashikala pai says:

Thank you for your response sir
My purpose is fitness, not bodybuilding, I have reasonably good athletic body,
I have trained before. But in the last few months I did not.
Thank you again sir

shashikala pai says:

Sir very wonderful video
My age is 60 , 72 kg, 5'7"
can I try these? I can do pushups quite easily. I have 2.5 , 10 kg dumbbell and 20+20 kg barbell, ab machine, which I use
I don't have any health issues.
Please advise

jeff anderson says:

Irwin Yeong bashed everyone bye fucking unlimited times

Sonu Kumar says:

You are so hot men

User0155 says:

Lower chest ?

A S Teer says:

What is good steroids to take when exercising?

Kenkenobi says:

Why the hell did he oil up for this video??

Carlos Gutierrez says:

I wonder how his legs look

LaKshMi NaraYan# says:

Can you fight with brucele

Gopal Shankhdhar says:

He needs a bra lol

Cami Morillo says:

Who knew that my dad who stocked supplies for Corona can be used as bodybuilding equipment. Thanks Bruce lee

Kymani Douglas says:

The GOAT of all asians

no offense

Dinesh tamang says:

Thankyu so much for the best exercise videos…..I am from Nepal

itz_lenny_ On ig says:

This man looks like the character you haven't unlocked yet

Jason Striation says:

Order going in tomorrow if you need to restock on anything 💉

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