How to Do a Side Lying Inner Thigh Leg Lift | Knee Exercises

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Learn how to do a side lying inner thigh leg lift in this Howcast video about physical therapy exercises for the knees.

Hi, my name is name is Eric Sampson, and I want to talk a little bit about how to do an inner thigh lift in side lying. It’s a great exercise, and it is often not done in the clinic as well as in the general population enough. It is a very important exercise if you want to keep the balance in your knee.

The knee has four sides basically to it, and there are muscles on all four sides. But we tend to exercise the front and the back a little bit too much, and we tend to not exercise the sides enough. This is a great one to do. It requires very little weight or very little equipment, and it is an important exercise, because it has attachments that the exercise you’re going to be using the muscles of your inner thighs, the VMO especially, which is a very important muscle protecting your knee, especially when you’re in the presence of degeneration in the knee, like meniscal tears or tendonitis.

The inner thigh lift is a very difficult exercise to set up, but once you’re set up, I think it’s a very important exercise, and definitely worth doing about 2 to 3 sets of 10 on alternating days, to balance out your workout.

The key is to get your top leg out of the way. It’s a little tricky, if you have tight hips. But once you get the leg out of the way, it’s real simple at that point, to try to tighten up your knee down here and then lift it about two or three inches off of the floor.

So again, give it a try. Good. Hold it for just two seconds, and right back down. Up again. Right back down. So this is definitely working your inner thigh muscles, the adductor group of your hip, but also the vastus medialis oblique, or your VMO which is the medial portion of your quadriceps. A very important muscle in protecting your knee from damage, as well as once you already have damage, trying to restore the function of your knee.

You can progress to an ankle weight, or you can simply just do more reps or hold it for longer to progress the exercise.

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