How To Do Pull Ups Without A Pull Up Bar | 5 "In Home" Alternatives

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How To Do Pull Ups Without Pull Up Bar | 5 Alternatives

Today we answer the question, “How do I train pull ups if I don’t have a pull up bar??”

We share with you 5 alternative exercises you can use at home to train your pull ups and to develop the strength to learn your first pull up.

Shout out to Jerome Fitness where we found the Pull Forward alternate exercise. Make sure to check out his channel here:

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Bhai_O_Logic says:

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Or both.

Hasnain Kham says:

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Weird Stuff says:

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foster maki-steven says:

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Really cool…Love the floor idea. I was l looking for an alternative to dragging my pull-up bar on tour. Much lighter to pack sweatpants than a travel bar! Rock on Cave Men.

Looney Toon says:

How to save $50 of gym fee and spend $500 on furniture repair and doctor fee instead.

Harpal Kaur says:

I'll try the exercise at 5:10.

John Mason says:

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Disciplined Rebel says:

Can’t buy pull up bars being with family members. This works awesomely

Anonymous says:

This didn't NEED to be a 10 min video. Fuck this guy

Joseph Burch says:

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almog1910 says:

i like how creative you are and helping people with no means to exercises

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