How to Get Stronger and Bigger Shoulders With Resistance Bands

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Building better and bigger shoulders doesn’t always require a gym and heavy weights. Try this resistance band workout from James Grage that you can perform at home with minimal equipment.

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Danny Khow says:

I see you're attaching your bands directly to hard surfaces like the steel and metal bars. How do u protect the band from cracking? Mine only lasted 4 workouts before I noticed cracks

CH Lim says:

He built his muscles in the gym, now he’s just selling snake oil

Martin Kulik says:

pity you can't make enough leg exercises with the band

max 12 says:

What part of the shoulder to these exercises target ?

Kevin Harrison says:

As a brit, one of the things I love about americans is their innovativeness.
Its no accident that the US rocks in so many ways.

DJD -Fect says:

Im happy to see james on whatever channel he is on.

jimmy5634 says:

I’ve been using resistance bands since my gym closed. Bands are excellent for shoulder development…excellent!
They are great for most anything.

Mario Ortiz says:

Thanks again, James. Been following you since the "muscle-geek" days & now I've got my 17yr old doing your routines. He's a bodybuilder/athlete & loves pushing iron but now he also loves resistance training! Just ordered him a new set of resistance gear. You've got a new follower now, it's a family tradition!

Danilo Carrara says:

Man your videos are nice! In times of corona I can trainning at home and this trainnings are really heavy and good for muscles. Thanks!

Klevis Ndoci says:

These converses are 🔥 where do I find them?

S/V Lusca says:

Its been 3 weeks that I have started training exclusively with these bands (gyms are closed) . Had bought them to take them on my sailboat to keep fit while on my circumnavigation. I had to relearn to train (watch videos) and build a full program but it was well worth it. I was septic at first but now Im sure I will not have any issues keeping fit, not sure I will be returning to the gym. Cant wait to train on exotic beaches.

xeroxboy01 says:

But his shoulders are so small.

Sahan says:

Me: Starts to do HIIT workouts multiple times a week because of Corona.
my heart: So you have chosen death.

Dave Desmon says:

Lateral raises are one movement that bands lend themselves quite well to.

Alex says:

Cheers James Grage, you are amazing. Yours is the only shoulder workout with resistance bands that i will be using now.

Alex says:

This guy knows exactly what he’s taking about. It just makes so much more sense than any of the other weird, convoluted shoulder work with resistance bands I’ve been watching.

emil georgiev says:

great Workout . Thanks

CycoWarriorx says:

Appreciate the info James… weaved these into my workouts… 🙌🏽

Jack Slater says:

James your gonna make free weights obsolete.

Jon Wick says:

this guy is so underrated. Coronavirus btw.

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