How to grow your Glutes at home. (No equipment)

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This is a 10 minute big booty workout that you can do at home! No equipment needed. This is in real time. All you have to do is follow along. Enjoy!

-10 different exercises.
-45 seconds each.
-Small breaks in between.

SN- You do not need the gym to get the body you want! I built my from strictly at home!

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Millicent Adhiambo says:

You are real…..some people put different pictures of transformation to get viewers…..I salute you

Kiwi Nycc says:

For all you ladies out there, every woman cant have a big butt, or big boobs etc. You're perfect how your shape is ❤. The key to REAL BEAUTY is in the soul & confidence ♡ . When you're confident about yourself with a beautiful soul even the "baddest body" type cant top that. ❤ flaunt your shape. Theres somebody in this world who would pay to look like you ♡

Roach says:

3:01 I had to stop right there I’m doing it tomorrow to finish I’ll put results on here

Te says:

You look like megan good! before she bleached of course 🙂

Tyekeisha Huff says:

Dat was a good workout fa me my butt was sore after but I’ve been doing dis fa 5 months in my butt is getting bigger my belly is getting skinnier my breasts are growing my hair is gettin thicker in longer in my face is clearin a little God has bless me I ask my self ever night are living or existing I’m only 12 I think I’m livin I put effort in to things😁😆😆!!!

Larizsa Gonzalez says:

I've been doing this for two weeks and gurl🙈 my booty is looking bigger and rounder so those who are wondering if it works… there you have it 💞

Angel Travis says:

Yeah Ik this gone have my ass fat like yours cuz my legs was swooee baby🤣

Debbie_ here says:

Omg it hurts soo bad I can’t😂 🤷🏽‍♀️

Stephanyyy says:

Third exercise and my legs are shaking already. But let me tell you something, I’m going to get that big ass in quarantine 😌. Today I released how flat I’m 🙂😅

Happyemely 123 says:

Her: making it look easy

I try it

so difficult can't even walk anymore
I am a easy target, meaning every time I walk or something,I get dizzy and sick(CORONAVIRUS)
But I know I'm just putting too much pressure on my body

Te says:

Them bounces ain't NO joke! ❤️

Zoya Baeg says:

Guysss, this actually works it took me two weeks, once a day to get my butt looking 😋, so I definitely recommend this workout 100%

jelani. says:

I see us girls came here for the some reason 😭

Hersh potato says:

Doing this for 30 days
Day 1: it hurts so bad my thighs and booty are shaking
Day 2: my thighs and booty are hurting but I took less breaks.

HoodRichLiv says:

Do you have to do them in order?

Natalie says:

Those 10 mins went by surprisingly fast even though I was dying the entire time

Mia Marten says:

I’ll let y’all know how this goes

Magana Family says:

If you guys are looking for updates it works 100%!!!

mapitso lesego says:

Bounce squarts really hurt I at
don't know how she does them that long

Min Yoongi Is Baby says:

I cant squat flat footed 🙁 wut do I do?

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