How To Lose: Lower Belly Fat (With 10 Easy Ab Exercises)

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Lower belly fat is a result of a variety of health reasons such as pregnancy, birth, or living a sedentary lifestyle. And while it’s hard work to eventually lose it, it’s not impossible and yes, you can definitely get rid of it!

With these 10 easy ab routines, you can lose that lower belly fat and become fitter and sexier in just a few short weeks! Interested? Excited? Awesome!

Today, I’m going to help you achieve your wish to have a slimmer waistline with 10 easy routines and just 11 minutes everyday! These exercises are focused in working out your core to make you lose that dreaded belly pooch and make your core muscles much stronger!

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Let’s begin the workout!❤️💪

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madelyn small says:

okay i’m doing this. i’m also fasting for a week as well. Today is my first day of fasting. I weigh 176.7 pounds and I am 15 and 5’6. I will update y’all everyday.

x hannahlover x says:

i felt this workout! Wow, this one BURNSS

Sonu Manzoor says:

Kitne Dinon mein belly weight lose hoga

ami Armand says:


Don't yell at me I'm soft says:

how many times do u do this a day?

Prem Sharma says:

Robert's gym I love your exercise .,,,

Ashalata Misra says:

I had a question.. In how many days approximately these exercises will really start working!?

video star fx says:

I’m just tryna get in shape before summer starts cuz I’m pretty sure quarantine is gonna be over by then

Akira Coleman says:

Shid I gotta work on them crunches

Jejsjajwj Hhahrhendb says:

I’m starting this I’ll tell my results

yoohh says:

Can you guys be my reminder?

SaHrA says:

Me: takes double of the rest time 😭

Squidwardo says:

Hey my nickname is Ara! I wanted to do this for quarantine so I’ll start Monday.

I’ll be doing this for 5 days and I’ll track my progress and tell you if it’s worth your time to do this. (And remind me daily pls 😅) anyway see you Monday

How was it? It was good. I loved this new experience of exercising.
Tired? Yeah a little
Any change? Obviously not because it’s barely the first day 😅
(See you on Tuesday)

Drunkoffink says:

I’ve been trying to lose weight for years now and nothing has changed, I look skinny but my lower belly fat ruins it. It’s the bit I’m most insecure about, I like to wear vest tops and shorts as the weather is hot, I look fine but it’s the lower bit on my stomache I’ve been trying for four years to get it removed but workouts do nothing (I was nine when I started working out and now I’m thirteen almost fourteen and nothing has improved) if there are any tips that would be helpful! Xx

Sage Carr says:

I'm doing this every day till my stomach is flat. When meseared I am 31 inches around. I will be doing thos workout once in the morning once at night, and a diffrent workout from a diffrent channel in the afternoon
Day 1: completed but them planks though 😭
Day 2: completed took less of a break
Day 3: completed still cant handle the plank

Don't yell at me I'm soft says:

did that work for anyone?

madhu aadhi says:

Plank is the toughest yaar….it really sucks….

x0grace georgex0 says:

i swear everyone is gonna be looking like models when we get out of lockdown 😂

Alicia Rodriguez says:

ok im going to be doing this for 3 weeks and i’m let you guys know how it goes! Day 1: i did 2 times (in the afternoon and night) this plus another hip exercise and i was really tired but super confident! Day 2: my legs were slight sore yet i did this plus the hip exercises and i feel really good about myself! I did this exercise 3 times ( in the morning, before lunch, and at night before bed plus two other exercises for my hips and thighs . i might start hiit cause i do wanna see my results faster.

brøken taffy says:

Yea no this is pr0n

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