How to lose weight in 5 MINUTES?!

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Burn INSANE amounts of calories & fat in just 5 MINUTES?!??! Professional Fitness Trainer Erica Lin teaches short, high-intensity workout for Faster Metabolism & Caloric Expenditure.


Simple HIIT, “calisthenic-circuit” stretching & exercises for MUSCLE GROWTH & FAT LOSS.

HIIT: High Intensity Interval Training. Unlike steady-state cardio, you SUPERCHARGE metabolic functions in SHORT BURSTS OF TIME. You train at maximum ventilary threshold (VT2 more than VT1) – for optimal athletic performance.

Triggers AFTERBURNER effect. Torch fat up to 3 days after you exercise! Shin Ohtake from MAX WORKOUTS is a GREAT resource for learning more about this.



1. “Alibi” by Juanna
2. “Silhouette” by Epidemic

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Erica Lin is a certified Personal Trainer, longtime competitive cheerleader and dancer, and YouTube Sports/Fitness Blogger.

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Juanitavibes says:

HOLYYY MOLLYY! I did this workout like 3 times I think (each time two rounds) and after a day or two (now) I'm seeing results!! Insanee!! I also have quite a healthy lifestyle so.. But omg seriously Erica, I don't know how to thank you!! I don't know if you also do food-health related videos, but if you do, you should do like healthy breakfast/lunch ideas or something 💓💓 SERIOUSLY, thank you with all my heart. Keep up the great work!! 💝💝💝 love uuu

Benidicta Mascarenhas says:

I am 11 and I want toave a new start for school

bagelpup says:

I will do this 3x a day rn it's my second I'm gonna do your other workout 3x then done.

Amelia.aestheticly says:

i was born with a disease called lazy

Shantanu Chatterjee says:

OMG. I'm gonna do this. It was my first time today, but. I FELT SO HAPPY AND ENERGETIC AFTER DOING THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you!

oop- says:

I've been doing workouts from this video and other vids of yours I really recommend drinking a glass of chia seeds, 🍋 and honey before sleeping and after breakfast really helps and works well with this workout

Mariah Danilovich says:

Does this help you loose weight do you think I can loose 20 pounds doing this everyday till August and eating healthy?

Nyairah Miranda says:

I’m chubby but very close to skinny so guys if your very chubby or you have a heavy stomach I recommend to just get a diet or something for a week because if you get skinnier your clothes will be extremely big on u

Cleo Catra says:

Who els is closing the Door and telling there parents not to come in

Anirudh Nair says:

What's the name of the song you used? I love exercising to an upbeat music

Shajahan K.T. says:

I need to loose weight but i cant do that jumping please help me

Muhd Irfan says:

I feel the burn when doing the rabbit jump ☠️

Jenahrose Davies says:

Notice that the person doing this is skinny af

Dance moms Queen says:

I am trying this 4x a day for a week I will update this each day and see if I see a difference in my stomach
Day 1- I have not seen any difference but I will keep going!!

Rainbow BB says:

I was wondering how many times a day u should do this?

Catina Casalman says:

Who is ready to lose some wight thumbs up if you are or thumbs down if your not

Stephanie Moss says:


Sasha Kavhi says:

I swear this is aneme

Leah Ramos says:

Idk why i feel like this is a clickbait


This is a genuine experience of how much this video can improve someone’s life. A lot of the comments in this comment section seem to describe pretty unrealistic results so I hope my trial will serve as a good example of what this change of diet and exercise can do. 
DISCLAIMER: MY METABOLISM IS WACK. I can loose and gain a lot of weight in short periods of time. Maybe this will also help me with my metabolism (?).

Age: 15
STARTING Weight: 127.1 pounds
Height: 5’1.5

PLAN: Drink 60 ounces of water and eat 3 meals without snacks a day. I’ll do the recommended 2 rounds 30 minutes before every meal as well.
GOAL: On the 12th, my weight should reach 120 pounds. If I succeed, I’ll continue with the plan until I reach 100 pounds (depends if it’s possible for me to physically reach that goal).

D1: This already shows promise. Not only do I feel better physically, but even as I eat no snacks, I’m not really that hungry anymore after every meal (which I usually am when I change my eating habits). I’m assuming this is because of all the science that Erica explained at the end of the video. I forgot to do the 2 rounds for dinner and instantly I felt hunger for the rest of the evening (it was the usual kind of hunger, I wouldn’t say I was starving.)
D2: I weighed myself and I’m 123.6 pounds!? Now, I do admit that my scale is SOMETIMES wack, so do take these weight-ins with a grain of salt. Anyways, today went all good until dinner, WHICH WAS VERY BIG, so I did 4 rounds after. I know I keep not following my own set of rules but I promise I won’t do that for the rest of the following days.
D3: 122.6 pounds! Not that big of a drop off probably because of the fail of yesterday. I followed the plan this time.
D4: 125.3 pounds? Not sure what happened, maybe I need to bring more vegetables into my meals.

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