How to Perform Manual Hamstring Curls | Bodyweight Exercise Tutorial

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How to Perform Manual Hamstring Curls | Bodyweight Exercise Tutorial

An awesome bodyweight exercise. Here are some do’s and do not’s for this calisthenics exercise.

Buff Dudes – Exercise Tutorial – How to Perform Manual Hamstring Curls | Bodyweight Exercise Tutorial

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Surrealist Idealist says:

Can this be bad for the knees?

Ride With Duke250 says:

can't preform its really hard to perform
Can u teach its progression
And my patella hurts because of pressure

Big Daddy G says:

Buff chedda bob. Jp. Good vid

Bediener says:

dude you need way more practise, you push way to hard to get back

strystyl says:

This is exactly what I was trying to find. Awesome and thank you.

Barbara hammersley says:

Good vid. For beginners it's useful to use a swiss ball and rolling out using your forearms. You can put as much tension on either the forearms (more for beginners) or hamstrings (as your HAMS get stronger) when pulling back up.

Sealy says:

Knee hurts when I do this

Louie Yan says:

Done these on and off for about 3 years now and they never get easy. Just gotta do them regularly again. Appreciate the push!

Chad Wick says:

Can we revive Buff Dudes Food???

Jorge Sader says:

Will you release a bodyweight program? If so, when can we expect it? Lovin' this series!

tallroc says:

But u didn't fuckin do any wtf

Yari Az Quran says:

This is one of my favorites but it's always really hard to find a place where I can anchor my feet.

JPerre 1 says:

Y'all are awesome

Matthew Davis says:

Another great way to work your hammies is the straight bridge. A few sets of 20 and your hamstrings (and glutes) will be on fire.

Curt Randall says:

this looks like the same concept as sissy squats, except targeting the hammies instead of quads.

nomercy8989 says:

If you hook your legs not with the heels but say in the middle of your foot it hits the calves as well.

Rafa Hernandez says:

I call those the knee destroyers

Eon Thulcandra says:

I dont have any alternative for isolate hamstrings at home other than this.I have been doing this exercise for 2 years

Bilbo Swaggins says:

Nordic curls or harop curls. Unfortunately the way shown in the video won't help make those hamstring gains. You want to go to YOUR max range and then bow, keeping your back arched and raise yourself back to the up right position. This particular demo of the exercise makes it look like a warm up. The full potential of this exercise can help you make hamstring gains in weeks.

Stefan says:

this is unseen exercises for me so far.

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