How to Start Calisthenics at Home? | Best Week Routine | No Equipment

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We are 2 brothers (Michael & Yannick) from the Netherlands and we are making videos about Calisthenics! On this channel we share useful information about calisthenics and also our own progressions! We are convinced that the sport calisthenics improves your life in all aspects and that is what we want to share with our channel. It gives you a challenge in your life and shows you what you can achieve with consistency!


In this video we show you a the ultimate (corona) Calisthenics at home workout routine. We show you the best way to start working out from home. It includes full body workouts that you can do from home without any equipment. Next to that we released our new Calisthenics at Home Workout Program (see the first link in description). We hope that this video and workout routine is going to help you out during these tragic corana times. Stay save, take care and spread love!


Michael & Yannick
Calisthenics Family


Film & Edit by : Kyran Lewis

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Also: What HOME Workout do you want to see in the next video. CHEST – BACK or SHOUDLERS? Let us know!!

Richard O’leary says:

small youtuber here! i did the 100 pull ups everyday for 30 days. kindly check it out on my youtube channel. thanks 💪🏻

Attila007 says:

Whats the song you guys used?

MrWho1995 says:

What movements would you recommend for an overweight person (240 lbs) can do everyday or every other day? I have a workout routine at home, but its taxing on the body and I'm starting to motivation because I do not know if it works. Have been going to the gym for a while and was starting to get great results? Basically what are basic movements that will start my journey since my bodyweight right now makes everything hard to do?

Mehmet Kaban says:

So, I have bought your home workout program recently. I am an advanced level fitness lover. Tell me what to expect after 3 months. Will I be still a beginner at calisthenics?

Dee Dd says:

What are your lenghts?

Terry Meincke says:

Since my gym is closed, I figured it may just be the right time to start something new. Had lots of fun getting into the proposed training routine and was impressed, what a good workout I‘m getting from only using my body weight and different exercises. Thanks for this great video! 😃💪👍

Marvin Edwards says:

Would could you replace the Australian pull ups an chin ups with as my tables small

Bossord 5 says:

Pls give me tips to how to start pull ups becuase i dont have muscles in back

Manvver Singh says:

Ey can u help with the lat slides i actually do not know how to do em

Syukri_ Senpai says:

How minutes to rest between sets?

Manvver Singh says:

He looks like Tal fishman when he was working out

Adam Millan says:

Is it more effective to do each exercise 4 times than proceed to the next one or to do the whole thing 4 times?

Niljon Tambal says:

Nice video tutorial 💪I will try this later ..

MirPapa Razzi says:

Hi! Great video, but could the ones that use the table be replaced with another exercise? Thanks

Johnwallfum Wizardsfolife says:

Can you mix this with weight training as well or would that ruin it

Bernard J says:

Hi guys,

If I stick with the 3 day program is it "harmful" to jog (arround 30 mins) between the workout days?

Rakibul Chowdhury says:

Can't go to the gym because of lockdown, thanks for this!

Mark Mcerlean says:

#calisthenicsathome hi what rest do you reccomend between sets?

Carmine Esposito says:

Hi guys, thanks for the useful video! What s the suggested rest between the sets?

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