How to Start Calisthenics – Beginner Bodyweight Workout Examples

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In the video I talk about proper way of entering in the world of bodyweight exercises.

If you want to learn more advanced calisthenics moves like:
– straddle planche,
– human flag,
– front lever,
– back lever,
– handstand push ups,
– handstand,
– press to handstand,
– L-sit,
– V-sit,
– muscle up,
– one arm chin up,

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RJ says:

When you never warm up…but you know you gotta put it in the video 😂 nah good work bro thanks for the video ✊🏽

Jack Wilson says:

Never show this guy jumping rope….or shadow boxing.

Madewell 0209 says:

I literally want to start training and get ripped because of Dragonball z


If you can fo 3 pullups with great form then do three. The best way to get better at the exercise is by doing it often

Rural Sweatshirt says:

Thumbnail is so disappointing haha terrible form

Nassos Evmorfopoulos says:

You are useless you can't even do calisthenics

I-Love Me says:

10 push ups between sets, I don’t even know how to lift my self up for a rep

Super Saiyan 3 says:

his jump rope makes my ears bleed

Murielle T says:

what about the rest between each set ?

Riddhi Verma says:

hey i am overweight can i do these exercises….?

Aman Kaushal says:

You are a hero for me💪🏻

Iñaki Stevens says:

2:30 60 push ups
2:37 60 knee push ups
2:47 40 pike push ups
2:57 60 inclined pike push ups
3:07 30 pull ups
3:17 30 australian pull ups
3:27 40 knee raises
3:42 40 leg raises
3:54 50 jumping squats
4:04 50 squat
4:14 50 biceps curls
4:21 50 biceps curls (less inclined)
4:35 35 dips
4:45 35 box/bench dips

David Moran says:

That was box shadowing, not shadow boxing. Greetings from farang in Prachuap (a town u once visited)

Frisky Bulldog says:

very well explained thanks

Pratik Kundra says:

How to build body strength
How many days should follow these method.
What I do harder or easily in the beginning

Shameful Display says:

Get in shape first, right? Im fat.

ulikadulche says:

I love seeing your work

Mohit sharma says:

What Pre and post workout diet should be taken?

Tico Nice says:

Finally, A channel of fitness that is real.
And full of great starter information 😊
Good Show 🕊


Thanks for the video🇵🇭

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