How to Start Calisthenics | Beginner Guide

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Lucas Gomes says:

The #1 fitness account on YouTube. Amazing. Thank you.

Stephen King reader says:

Good morning to make sure that make sure your hair silky smooth at the end of clans

Dibya Dutta says:

Amazing! Am starting this today.

Gwyn Justyn Alias says:

can i still be flexible????

RapvioMusic says:

Finger pain when im pullups, i want to do more pull ups but finger is paining

Oscar Leonardo says:

But wait, are you supposed to have reps or hold that pose for a certain amount of time?

shah vivek says:

Does calisthenics help burning fat for beginners or It's recommended to practise this after having a slim stature ? Pl do comment.

matthew conner says:

Very informative 🏋🏾‍♀️🏋🏾‍♀️calisthenics👍🏾
Thx u

Khadher Hamden says:
My dragon level

Lucas Castanheira says:

-The toilet was invented in 1739.
People before 1739: 0:28

Devon Lacambra says:

I've been trying to find programs finding this has just made my dark days brighter thanks @Calisthenicmovement

EJ Delapeña says:

Hope i can do planche before quarantine ends

ワカマンWAKAMAN says:

thank you cr1tikal

Gustavo Belotto says:

Push up : 1:45

Side plank 2:07

Bridge 2:35

Dip 3:14

Handstand 3:36

Hanging 5:34

Squat 8:00

Vikas Singh says:

How much time does it takes for beginner to master calisthenics?

Marek Piotrowski says:

Please add info regarding reps and duration we should aim for each of the exercise

Sketch says:

My girlfriend broke up with me so now I’m going to the olympics 🤣

Alperen DURU says:

8:25 True slav style

yeahresilience says:

wtf is this beginners?

dave barea says:

I have little swell in my right knee… Is it okay to try single leg squats?

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