How To Start Working Out (Motivation For Beginners)

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Today I am giving you my tips on starting to exercise when you are a beginner or when you just don’t enjoy it. I hope you find these tips helpful! Leave any other tips you have down below 🙂

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Liv B says:

If you guys have any tips for each other for how to get started with working out and exercising leave them here! I hope you all had a great weekend <3 xo

lucy catherine says:

here's my advice
start a 10 min full body workout and then walk for like an hour. that's what i'm planning on doing to start.

felicita morales says:

Too too much talking!!!!

Dinda Tauriska says:

You have a really nice hair 🥺

• Not important • says:

The workout challanges from chloe ting are so good. She has a list with all the videos you have to do an if you are doing it with a friend, it really helps to stay motivated 😊👍🏻

Superpaw 11 says:

I watched many motivation videos and this is the best so far . What you said about taking it slow really encouraged me to workout because it’s gonna get easier right ? Xoxo

Sairam Sarika says:

You are so beautiful ❤️

Claire Cre8tes says:

When you’re watching this video instead of working out 😂

Camillia Alexander says:

Hi Liv, how do you get over negative talk when you're getting into exercising?
I have a bad relationship with food.
Whenever I am sad I will eat to overcome the sadness. Now I am getting into exercising because I look horrible in the mirror and my dad said that I look like a fat pig ,he said I should really stop eating.
My progress has been unstable for months, sometimes I am 55kg , and sometimes I am 65kg ( I am 164cm tall). But I did not look good when I was 55kg I lost hair. Now that i am 65kg still gaining , my self confidence has really taking a toll on me. When i exercise , i keep telling myself i cant do it

anne frank says:

I used to hate working out. The main struggle for weight loss to me was the exercise. I did crappy 15 minute HIIT exercises everyday that made me so happy. Then, I found an intense dancing video, and would dance for an hour or two everyday, burning 500 – 1000 calories a day, and I've become toned and thinner in 3 months of dancing. The best trick is to find something you enjoy.

Nibbler800 says:

Are you Canadian?

Roblox Videos says:

Drink water for energy I'm the type of person who usually doesn't have the energy to do exercise but water gives you some steam
Walking) you can walk around starting small
Jumping jacks starts with 50 jumping jacks a day you will see change
Drinking water before meals tell you when you full so you don't over eat
Love the way you are!

Roblox Videos says:

I really just want to be in shape and healthy trying to be different dont wanna go into 2020 the same

JackyrCheese Peeza says:

She said 4.6 is pretty slow 😭 I must be a snail then

finni-sc says:

I never watched a video of you and in the first sec i was like wtf how can someone be so damn pretty!
kinda reminds me of Alex Vause a little

_ Kairi says:

Swimming is good exercise too, though!

moonlight pet shops says:

Me not wanting to go to the gym because of guys will catcall me

Hari Thapasya says:

You are so beautiful….😍😍😍

Danielle Soto - Lewis says:

omg, this is the first video I'm watching. You are so beautiful. I wish I was this beautiful.

liya says:

Can you make this into a podcast? Because i really want to listen to you talk while exercising

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