How To Use Resistance Bands | Awesome Beginners Guide By James Grage

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If you’re looking to incorporate resistance bands into your workouts, then you don’t want to miss this video.

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Topics covered in this video:
– Loop power bands vs tube bands
– Ways to adjust resistance level with bands
– What is the equivalent resistance level in bands vs weights
– What is Linear Variable Resistance & why it’s important
– How to anchor resistance bands using only your body
– How to anchor resistance bands using a door anchor
– How to create the ideal angle of pull, or plane of resistance
– Ways to increase resistance with bands, to create unlimited resistance levels
– Other equipment needed with resistance band training, including the right type of gloves
– How to measure progress with resistance bands
– Comparing resistance bands to free weights
– Benefits of resistance band training

James Grage

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אוהד אילוז says:

This amazing Tnx

ruth quick says:

thanks for posting this video, i bought a set of the flat resistance bands and am just trying to work out how to get started and use them. I was diagnosed with cancer which is being treated at the moment and i used to be a lot fitter but medication, surgery and anxiety have completely changed my body structure so i'm just trying to work out a beginner program to get going with. Hoping you might have a basic easy overall beginners program to just get started with, am really looking forward to rebuilding myself! thanks again!

toomuchtime says:

Bought these years ago never used theme I love themev

Amy Louise says:

THANK YOU FOR THIS! I've been using mini loop bands for leg exercises for a couple of years but I could never find an explanation of the other types. I also had thought that 5 bands equal to 5 weights so thank you for the clarification 😂

rajneesh jain says:

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tylerr89 says:

The singer of crazy town is jacked now

Jon Henry's Workshop says:

Great video and love the band workouts. My big question is were did you get those Converse?????

Lysander Rivera says:

Man! Did he get like that with bands?

niko9193 says:

This man deserves some likes!

Akshat Rastogi says:

This is really an awesome explanation…great work !!!

Jeff Wesley says:

I'm 47, just started using bands, because my gym closed. I found James Grage while searching for band exercises. James, you are awesome. Excellent content, great delivery, inspiring for working out, and very professional. Love this channel. Keep it up. Thanks.

Steveo Smith says:

Hey this guy knows his stuff . It’s essential basics of variable linear displacement in rubber bands. Cool to know especially after the covoid incident. If there is another pandemic outbreak I’m hiring this guy as security from the zombies,,

Corey Saucier says:

I was going to purchase the bands but the website doesn't even show you what you get before it goes directly to the order page. Is there a website to get more information on what you get with purchase ?

john crook says:

Where can I buy these exact bands and the attachment for the door ?

Gabriel DE CARVALHO says:

What is the name of those bands and where could we purchase it ?

Bicycle Ninja says:

So now there are no excuses if you can afford bands.

Devanei Zanardi says:


Tarmo Tammik says:

can it break and hit me in the face 😀

Fanta Stick says:

Can you do cheat flys with these type of bands

John Clark says:

Forget about the toilet paper virus, if you're young and healthy you got more chance ending up in a box from cancer or auto accident.

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